9 ‘90s Make-Up Heroes We All Had And The One That’s Finally Coming Back

Spoiler alert: Will trigger hair mascara flashbacks

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by Laura Capon |

As you must surely be aware, we are in the midst of a ‘90s/’00s revival and that just doesn’t include the trends we loved back in the day, it includes the products we loved too.

When Bourjois announced it was withdrawing from the UK in December 2019, we were collectively heartbroken.

The French brand with cult products like Healthy Mix Foundation and those little round pot blushers had become a staple in our make-up bags.

Thankfully, Coty, who own the brand have had a clear change of heart. Either that or covid, TikTok and the cost of living crisis has changed their business plans, as we can confirm that Bourjois is officially returning to UK shores.

Yes, Bourjois exclusively re-launched in Superdrug online last week - followed by an in store roll out over the summer.

In a statement, Superdrug’s trading director Megan Potter confirmed that our old favourites will all be returning (including those little round blushers), along with “new innovations”.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we decided to take a look back at the other ‘90s relics that filled our coming-of-age make-up bags.


Your ‘90s Make-Up Heroes

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The Polly Pocket packaging, the perfumed scent, that tiny sponge application. The experience of using this as your first eyeshadow is forever unrivalled.

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Miss Selfridge is as much of a throwback as is remembering they also sold nail polishes which you either begged your mum for or stole from your older sister.

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These colourful glosses had us in a chokehold regardless of the fact that no matter their colour they all came out clear. Thankfully, for their 20th anniversary Lancome re-released them, so you can relive year 8 all over again.

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The first purchase your mum let you make from her catalogue and the one she inevitably regretted when you accidentally crushed them into her carpet.

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The height of sophistication was having one of these in your pencil case (ideally flavoured like your favourite fizzy drink) and reapplying throughout your history lesson.

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Things might be different now, but back in the day if we were caught wearing make-up at school it was straight to the B Block toilets to wash it off with wet toilet roll. Thankfully Miss Sporty’s Clear Mascara allowed us to trick not only ourselves (it did literally nothing), but also our teachers.

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A sure sign that you’d come of age was receiving a tube of Lipcote as a present from a distant relative. Like a sponge it absorbed any moisture from our lips on immediate application, but at least it meant our beloved lipstick stayed intact all day.

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Speaking of beloved lipsticks, a moment if you will for Rimmel’s forever iconic Heather Shimmer, which believe it or not, you can still buy.

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Now this is one product we don’t ever want to see the return of. Why it was called hair mascara we do not know as the crispy finish was the exact same as the mascara we had on our eyelashes. Worst of all anyone who wasn’t a blonde always ended up with a much more mirky colour than the adverts led us to believe

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