Fans Are Saying Zara’s New Barbie Perfume Is A Dupe Of This Well Known Designer Scent

TikTokers say it smells just like Rihanna's go-to fragrance

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Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie has given way to worldwide frenzy and pink revival, from chequered gingham dresses to bubblegum pink dressing tables and everything in between. There's seemingly no end to these Barbie merchandising possibilities, with big high street names like Zara getting in on the action too. Their standout offering? A Barbie perfume.


Most beauty enthusiasts will spend mere moments on TikTok this week before being served review after review of the Zara Barbie Mattel Ea de Parfum 100ml, £22.99 - it has become quite the talking point. And surprisingly this perfume's popularity has less do do with Barbie and more to do with the fact that it smells like a cult classic scent from Kilian - Love, Don't Be Shy Eau De Parfum 50ML, £205 - a scent reportedly adored by Rihanna.

When it comes to finding designer fragrance dupes, Zara has already proved itself a gold mineand according to TikTok their latest offering is yet another luxe for less addition to their rapidly expanding scent repertoire. Racking up 2.4 million views on TikTok, Zara’s Barbie fragrance features top notes of bright orange and neroli, followed by powdered rose and orange blossom petals, complete with a base of vanilla and tonka bean - a few notable crossovers with Kilian’s cult classic fragrance, which features notes of orange blossom, embellished with marshmallow and neroli.

We're not suggesting Kilian devotees like Rihanna are likely to be swayed, but if you're after a slice of the Barbie action that delivers on more than the appeal of a pink bottle, look no futher. It's got the seal of approval from fragrance influencers on TikTok, which has already led to the perfume being resold on eBay for three times the retail price.

Watch: TikTokers Review Zara's Barbie Perfume

zara barbie perfume dupe
Price: £22.99


Expect notes of powdery rose met with orange petals, vanilla and tonka bean background.


Kilian's eau de parfum blends juicy honeysuckle, plush rose and an imploring note of orange

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