YSL Just Released A Brand New Black Opium – And It’s Even Better Than The Original

It's even been likened to Tom Ford's Lost Cherry.

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Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium, £65 first made its appearance in the perfume aisles back in 2014, quickly becoming a staple scent for any fragrance-ophile. It's a notable fragrance still featured in many of our perfume collections; a signature scent that has stood the test of time, and one that inspired a range of high-end fragrances from 2014 onwards.

And, it seems like the new generation of Black Opium has finally arrived. The newest perfume, Black Opium Over Red, £68 is a deliciously cherry-scented addition to the Black Opium bloodline, with top notes of cherry accord, heart notes of jasmine flower, and base notes of black coffee. It's no surprise then, that it has been likened to Tom Ford's Lost Cherry, £180, the viral scent that took the internet by storm. But, if you have expensive taste, yet are reluctant to spend upwards of £100 on a bottle of perfume, YSL's latest launch is a great alternative.

A perfume that will make passers-by wonder what you're wearing, Black Opium Over Red is the perfect fragrance if you're looking for the ultimate confidence boost. Not convinced? I put it to the test, so you can rest assured that if you do make it your next perfume purchase, it will certainly be worthwhile.

YSL is known for the signature scent Black Opium, so it's no surprise the brand added another edition to their collection. Black Opium: Over Red is the perfect evening scent with top notes of cherry, heart notes of jasmine flower, and base notes of black coffee.


  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Alluring


  • Less suitable for daywear
  • Comes in a range of sizes, 30ml, 50ml and 90ml
  • Glass bottle

My Honest Thoughts: Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium Over Red

Funnily enough, Over Red came out just at the perfect time. Last year, I ran out of my beloved Black Opium which had been with me through thick and thin, never disappointing me when it came to a date night. While I never thought there would be a scent that could rival YSL's heritage fragrance, the latest launch quickly proved me wrong.

When I first smelled Black Opium: Over Red, it was love at first sniff. It has all the key elements of the original, with a subtle cherry twist, making it the perfect evening-wear perfume that makes a statement (but not the obnoxious kind) as soon as you walk into a room. There's a bold and intense depth to the perfume (as with the original Black Opium fragrance) that is complemented by a fresh and feminine contrast of jasmine, complete with an enticing top note of cherry accord.

And, it's no surprise that there's been an influx of cherry-scented fragrances to hit the market after the statement Tom Ford's Lost Cherry made. I can confirm that Black Opium: Over Red did an excellent job at embodying a cherry scent while still staying true to the black coffee bean and vanilla roots of the original. A match made in fragrance heaven, so to speak.

Does Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium: Over Red Last Well?

Yes - it's a long lasting fragrance that packs a punch when you need it to. If you'd rather a more subtle fragrance, I'd suggest spraying it a few times in the air over you hair and shoulders, letting the perfume fall down onto you to leave a discrete yet alluring scent. If you want to really rake up those 'what perfume are you wearing?' compliments, spray in a Y shape across your body, or even better, apply straight to those pulse points.

My Final Verdict On Black Opium: Over Red

Perfume is a dressing table staple that fragrance-addicts like myself can't live without. It is a product that plays such a vital role when it comes to expressing individuality, so finding a fragrance that speaks to you is so important. If, like myself, you favour deep and alluring scents that will leave you wanting more, I would definitely suggest you snap up Black Opium: Over Red before it sells out.

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