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Feeld dating app

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Dating app fatigue? Never heard of her. Frankly, we're on the hunt for more and more dating apps that can offer something different to the usual swipe, swipe, like repeat. Introducing Feeld: the best kept secret in dating apps. Designed with sex positive, kinkier folk in mind, Feeld offers an entirely unique experience for anyone looking for a break from the usual drawling conversations on Hinge, Bumble or Tinder. Interested? Here's everything you need to know about the internet's raunchiest dating app...

What kind of dating app is Feeld?

When I spoke to the apps most loyal users, they explain that when it first started it was considered to be THE dating app for ‘open-minded’ people. Essentially, it was a fetish app. People used it to explore connections based on kinks, but also for less traditional types of romantic partnerships like polyamory.

Feeld was founded in 2014 by graphic designer and entrepreneur Dimo Trifonov. He and his partner, Ana Kirova – the current CEO of Feeld – wanted to explore opening their relationship but found that there were no existing platforms that met their needs. So, Trifonov mocked up Feeld and it became an overnight success, pegged as a ‘space where like-minded people can challenge norms around gender, sexuality, and dating.’

Here's what Feeld users say about the experience:

Of course, it’s the Feeld users reviews we trust most when it comes to whether or not Feeld is worth downloading. So, what do their tried and trusted customers think? We spoke to some Feeld members to find out…

Grace*, 45, bisexual: ‘I’ve made friends I can go to kink events with’.

‘I decided to download Feeld because I was recently out of a vanilla long-term relationship and I was looking for a way to connect with people on my same wavelength, willing to experiment sexually and open minded about polyamory. It's a platform where you can express yourself sexually at all levels without being judged and where you can also meet people to make your sexual fantasies a reality.

‘Since using Feeld, I realised I’m bisexual and I’ve become a lot more sex positive since which has been very liberating,’ Grace continues. ‘The best thing about it has been getting to know two new female friends who are on a similar journey to mine. We now go out clubbing and to kink events together and have great chats about sex and life in general! I also had a tantric sex session that left me with a big smile on my face for a week! The worst thing though, is all those pesky under 40 straight males who are looking to tick the “cougar box”.  Also, the app can be quite glitchy and customer service slow and patchy, which can be frustrating! But I do I think they are trying to fix this.’

Chloe*, 25, bisexual: ‘It’s much more transparent and upfront than other dating apps’.

‘I heard about Feeld from a local influencer I follow on Instagram who said that it was a refreshing and more inclusive dating app, at the time I was fed up with other dating apps and heard that this one was different, so I thought that I´d give it a go. Feeld is quite an alternative dating app that allows for users to look for, and connect with, pretty much any type of person that they like. It also caters for people who enjoy different styles of dating or relationships, specifically in non-monogamy. There is also space for users to express their specific interests and desires when it comes to sex, such as including various kinks. In this way, it is very transparent and encouraging of people to be up front about what they are looking for.

‘For me, Feeld has been more than a dating app,’ Chloe continues. ‘Through talking to people on Feeld and learning about various different relationship styles I became curious about meeting couples and exploring non-monogamy. I now identify as pan-sexual and polyamorous and have a vast network of very close, intimate friends and partners who I have met directly and indirectly through Feeld! The best thing about it is the honesty and openness about what people are looking for, the worst thing is that it is slightly glitchy!’

Harriet*, 28, queer trans femme: ‘The majority of people aren’t looking for forgettable hook-ups’.

‘When I decided to download Feeld, I was just post break up and one of the reasons It ended was because I was interested in exploring the polyamorous and kink scenes and my partner was not. I was told it was very much the place to start if you were intrigued by all that! I would say it's the raunchier cooler cousin of the other dating apps. I think it's more mindfully or consciously sexy though. The majority of people aren't just looking for forgettable hook-ups. It's for people who are into a more sexually alternative and liberated lifestyle, or for those keen to explore that, or just curious.

‘I mean it's still a dating app, so it comes with a lot of the normal frustrations and irritations of that,’ Harriet continues. ‘Like people ghosting, peculiar and unreasonably horny men, plus app fatigue. But generally, people are better communicators and clearer about what they want. The best thing is the openness and the way it connects you to a scene of interesting and sexy people. The worst thing is the occasional glitch and the unreasonably horny men - but no dating app is free of them and it's better on that front that Tinder, holy hell.

‘As a trans person as well, dating can be hard - a lot of people write you off without a second thought, some people don't know what transness is and apps are a terrible place to have that conversation. There's a lot of trans folks on there and none of the people I've interacted with have been weird about it. They are educated and respectful on the whole. Sexual desire and sexuality generally are very shamed among trans people, a lot of us grow up thinking we are monstrous for having a sex drive so an open and educated space where people aren't judged for their desires has been a really affirming place to explore that part of myself and I've learned a lot.’

Rebecca*, 30, bisexual: 'I met my boyfriend on Feeld'

‘I downloaded Feeld after my 8-and-a-half-year relationship ended. We broke up because we were quite sexually incompatible and he never wanted to have sex with me, so I was very sexually frustrated. A friend told me about Feeld, and it sounded exactly what I was looking for. Hinge was far too serious and for those looking for a relationship. I just wanted to be fun, free and play out single experiences I never had in my 20s!  created a profile under a pseudonym and within six months, I received 14k ‘likes’. To say it caught my attention was an understatement. I went on a string of back-to-back Feeld dates predominantly with guys (and one girl) with the main objective to being open to new experiences. I matched with my now boyfriend a year ago, named ‘Apollo’ on the app, and the basis of our relationship was ‘friends with benefits’ or FWB. We ended up developing feelings for each other and we’ve now been officially together for six months.

‘My most memorable date was probably a second date with an Irish guy called Rob,’ Rebecca continues. ‘He gave me a vibrator in a pub and asked me to put it on in the bathroom. When I came back, he controlled it via his phone for the rest of the evening at different speeds and rhythms. It was fun and I’d never been on a date like it! Of course, it’s important to be aware of your boundaries. It can be a great place for sexual and personal discovery, but it’s important to know what works for you and what doesn’t. In my experience, most of the people I met on there were very respectful, and I ended up having much better dates on Feeld than the other apps! I was very happy single and met my current boyfriend without expecting it. I feel fortunate to have enjoyed all my experiences on Feeld and I hope other women do too!’

Anna, 29, heterosexual: 'Feeld is like Deliveroo for sex, minus the cash!'

‘I used to joke that Feeld was basically Deliveroo for sex, minus the cash, obviously. In a nutshell, it's a dating app that goes beyond dating, kink, open relationships, casual sex, the whole shebang. And people openly state what they're looking for in their profiles, cutting through the awkward "what is this?" chat. Honestly, it felt liberating to be so upfront about my sexuality. But I actually deleted Feeld after a few months of having it.

‘I loved the curiosity it evoked in me, but I struggled not to feel objectified or pigeonholed,’ Anna continues. ‘Most of the men I encountered ran before they could walk with me. In my books, good sex is mental and emotional just as much as it is physical, regardless of how casual the encounter is. When men jump the gun and assume I'm going to sleep with them after "Hey", I don't bother because I know there is a 0% chance I'll have an orgasm or feel good after having sex with somebody who treats our meet-up as transactional. On the other hand, some guys thought I was hiding that I wanted to get married, mortgaged, and become a human Easy-Bake oven! That said, Feeld takes the crown compared to other dating apps as far as direct communication is concerned.

Verity*, 32, heterosexual: 'The majority of guys I've dated haven't been straight'

‘I downloaded Feeld after a decade-long relationship ended and the last thing I needed was to find another boyfriend. I wanted the freedom to explore new things and connect with guys I wouldn’t necessarily introduce to my friends, but with whom I could have a lot of fun. I was also intrigued by the BDSM/kink world, ethical non-monogamy, tantra, and alternative sexualities. It was a no-brainer: my friends all universally recommended Feeld as the first app I should download. My first impression was “What are all these acronyms?!” I actually made myself a little note on my phone to keep track of all the phrases and acronyms. I thought I knew a lot from reading Dan Savage’s sex advice column since I was a teen, but there was a steep learning curve!  I now know what DD/lg means (for me: a hard limit - ‘Daddy Dom/little girl’ is just not my kink).

‘I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of straight-presenting guys who…aren’t,’ Verity continues. ‘It feels like the whole world is waking up to a lot more avenues of pleasure and getting past homophobia. While I (sadly) remain straight, the majority of the guys I’ve dated have been bisexual, bi-curious, and heteroflexible, which is super-hot. Dating on Feeld has been incredibly fun and positive. I’ve even made a couple of good friends from some ‘failed’ dates. Feeld feels like a big secret: if you know, you know.

‘Sure, there are accounts with faceless men showing off their abs who are just there for a hook-up. But I swipe past - I’m looking for more. I connect with guys with nicely written descriptions, who are obviously there to meet people inside the ethical non-monogamy space, and who want to explore different aspects of sexuality.  The only negatives have been the occasional ghost, and being catfished once - which my girlfriends regularly experience on the mainstream apps, too. I think Feeld is far and away superior to other dating apps - it’s way more authentic. By being so vulnerable and sharing up front what your sexual desires (and sometimes even kinks) are, right on your profile, you already have a baseline to work with. Everyone is so much more open and communicative.

‘Meanwhile, the guys on Hinge and Bumble don’t even read your profile. I laughed because at one point I’d gotten 4-5 “How’s your day/weekend been?” messages from different dudes. How original. Not only are the conversations on other apps boring, but they sometimes veer into insults, outright misogyny, and unsolicited dick pics. That has never once happened on Feeld. The conversations can be quite risqué, but the whole experience feels much safer and considerate.’

*names have been changed

How does Feeld's algorithm work?

When Grazia spoke to experts at Feeld, they explained that Feeld’s algorithm first takes into account your location and then your dating preferences (which you can personalise on the app) to show profiles on their Discover page.

In their settings, they ask members to define preferences for a ‘maximum distance, age range, gender and if they are looking for single profiles or couples.’ Feeld users can also choose the location they want to explore from, so you’re not beholden to your current location if you want to check out the dating scene elsewhere.

You can also choose a premium membership on Feeld, where you are then able to filter by ‘desire’ and ‘last seen’. Desires on Feeld are ‘more intimacy and sex-based’ – whereas Interests covers hobbies outside of the bedroom.

‘There is minimal background interference from the platform on who is displayed to Feeld Members,’ insists Feeld’s product manager Lavina Lim. ‘We operate under the idea that the less we interfere with the algorithm, the more organic the connections our members make are.’

Who uses the Feeld dating app?

The most engaged demographic on Feeld is 26–35-year-olds and their top cities are London, New York City, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Berlin, and Sydney. ‘Out of all Feeld Members, 35% are in a couple and half identify as something other than heterosexual,’ explains Lim.

Can you get verified on Feeld?

Feeld do not currently operate a verification badge process, but Lim says it’s ‘something we always have under review.’

Is it worth paying for Feeld? The membership options explained.

First things first, you don’t have to pay for Feeld at all if you don’t want to. The core functionality of the app is free to use — browsing profiles in Discover, making connections, and chatting with others is accessible to everyone at no cost.

They do however offer paid for memberships with enhanced features.

Majestic Membership – allows users to see who liked them on the app, add private photos visible only to their connections (using ‘Incognito mode’ – which makes the users profile invisible to others unless they like a profile first).

With Majestic Membership, you can also filter by your ‘Desire’ preferences, as well as ‘Last Seen Online’ and you receive one free Ping per day (Pings are notifications that let users know you like them, they appear in a separate screen which you can then accept and form a ‘Connection’). Pings usually cost £1.99 to send, or you can buy a pack of 10 for £13.99.

Other paid-for options include increasing the visibility of your profile on the Discover page, which is called ‘Uplift’ and costs £8.99, making you more visible to Feeld members within a 10-mile radius for 24 hours.

How accurate is Feeld distance? And can you change your location?

According to Lavina Lim, the distance feature on Feeld – which shows users how far away someone is, for example ‘three mils away’ – is approximate. Users can choose to explore whatever location they want, either their current location or by choosing one of the options under Popular or Virtual locations.

When using a virtual location, it will show up on your profile. ‘For example, it could say “300 miles away, Exploring London, UK”’ explains Lim. ‘With this feature, members have clarity around distances from one another and how other members are using the app.’

How many likes can a user get on Feeld?

Feeld doesn’t limit the number of likes you can get!

What do the most successful profiles on Feeld look like?

‘Probably the most important is to create a profile that is authentic and true to what you are looking for,’ explains Lim. ‘At Feeld, we encourage our members to be honest and state what they are looking for through features like Desires and Interests, which appear directly in their profile. And that does not mean there is an expectation that members should know what they are looking for immediately. Exploring, being curious, and fluid are part of Feeld’s raison d’être, so encouraged and welcome!’

Feeld have done research to figure out the best chance of making a connection, and advise having the following in your profile:

At least three photos - Images that give more information about who you are and what you like to help others learn more about you.

A thoughtful bio - those with thoughtful bios have up to 50% more chances of making a meaningful connection.

Specific ‘Desires’ and ‘Interests’ listed - these can help you find the people you are looking for!

What is Feeld's screenshotting policy?

Feeld has Screenshot Protection, which prevents screenshots of conversations and protects the photos you send to other Feeld Members from unwanted screenshots.

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