These Are The Best Dating Apps In London

It's time to swipe your way to love.

London dating apps

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |

Love, love, love, what is it good for? Date nights, spooning when you’re hungover, and someone to bring as a plus one to weddings. So, in case you’re in the market for a new life accomplice, these are the best dating apps in London — because the capital is notoriously ruthless with romantics’ hearts. Ready, set, swipe.


Easily our favourite London dating app, Thursday only works on the fourth day of the week. This means the window of opportunity is limited and if somebody is interested in you, they have to make their move quickly or your profile will disappear forever. This is serious jeopardy.

As a fun bonus, Thursday also runs singles' nights at London bars including Tonight Josephine, Ballie Ballerson and on various boats cruising the Thames. Go with single friends, meet them there, or mingle alone. Either way, this is very very fun.


Everyone, and we mean everyone, has a tube crush in this city. You’ve been sneaking a sly glance at them on the commute for weeks and now it’s time to make your move. Users can send one ‘spark’ per day when they see someone on the app that they like, so no endless swiping here. Choose your match carefully.


A classic favourite, Hinge encourages you to comment on potential matches’ prompts rather than just swipe through endless faces. They recently introduced a voice note feature as part of users’ profiles, which has the capacity to be both endearing and creepy. The creators say it’s ‘designed to be deleted’ so it’s always worth a go.


An acronym for the Power Of Music, POM wants to match up music lovers based on what artists and genres they like. The app pairs users based on their music history on Spotify or Apple Music, self-confessed guilty pleasures or breakup songs. So, if you’re looking for someone to go to gigs with this could be the one for you.


Do you want to go out with a famous person? (Don’t answer too quickly). Raya is an exclusive app that decides if users are cool enough to be admitted to their dating pool and is mostly filled with influencers, models, musicians and media.

The first rule of Raya is you don’t talk about Raya. But celebrities rumoured to be on the app are Cara Delevingne, Jack Grealish, Mason Mount, Tom Misch, Love Island’s Dr Alex and Lewis Capaldi. Get those thumbs moving.

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