Viral Comedian And Succession Star Ziwe Is The Funniest Person On The Internet

The Writer and Comedian Has The Most Perfect Succession Cameo


by Shannon Mahanty |

The wait is (almost) over. On Monday Succession will finally return to our screens and we’ll be reunited with cousin Greg. We’ll get to feel sorry for the same characters we despised moments earlier, and (we hope) all of the burning questions we’ve been collecting over the last two years will finally be answered.

Although we can’t wait to be reunited with the explosive family we love to hate, in the new season (no spoilers, we promise..) there’s a few notable new faces who have been pulled into the Roy Family orbit. One of them is comedian Ziwe. While she only makes a brief cameo, her episode promises to be one of the highlights of the season..

Who is Ziwe Fumudoh?

Ziwe is an American writer and comedian, like no other. She’s written on US sitcoms Desus & Mero and The Rundown With Robin Thede, but it’s her own unique brand of humour that's catapulted her into the comedy zeitgeist.

Ziwe specialises in uncomfortable interviews. Over the pandemic, she used Instagram live to skewer guests like Rose McGowan, Gloria Steinem on Caroline Calloway with questions about race and privilege, often exposing a lack of self-awareness and understanding.

Not afraid to ask questions like, ‘How many Black people do you know?’ or ‘Name five Asian people’; Ziwe knows exactly how to make her guests squirm - though her aim is collective healing. The show isn’t just about calling people out, it’s a demonstration that sometimes uncomfortable conversations - like those about systemic racism and implicit bias - are the most important ones. ‘It’s just thinking, “What is the most absurd hyperbolic question that I can confront someone with and how do I make them look me in the eyes and either say an answer or not say anything at all?”’’ she told the New York Times recently.

After her Instagram live sessions went viral, Ziwe is now host of her own Showtime series. While it’s not yet available to watch in the UK, several of her early videos are on YouTube.

Who does Ziwe play in Succession?

Like the rest of the world, Ziwe is a massive Succession fan, so much so that she apparently listens to the soundtracks while writing her show.

In season three, she basically plays.. herself. A satirical talk show host who does not go easy on her interviewees. We’ll say no more, other than the fact her scenes are Succession at it’s best; they instil the most unsettling mashup of emotions from gut-wrenching tension to bitter humour.

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