Does Faye Have A Right To Be Angry About Who Voted For Her?

Love Island viewers are debating whether she's right to question her friendships in the villa, or rather taking the vote too personally. Either way, it seems producers are setting her up to kick off...

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Another day, another debate about Faye Winter following last night’s Love Island. That right, the main character of this season has given viewers yet another moral dilemma, since Toby Aromolaran is clearly taking time off from providing us some much-needed hilarious drama this week.

It all occurred after the islanders were forced to vote for the two least compatible couples, debating between themselves during private dinners that led to an incredibly awkward evening. Faye Winter and Teddy Soares came up numerous times in the discussions - notably among their closest friends - citing their ‘different lifestyles’, polar opposite personalities and according to Jake Cornish, ‘rowing all the time’.

Faye and Teddy, however, appeared to vote for the people they were least closed to - Priya Gopaldas and Brett Staniland plus Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson – which Faye admitted to Millie Court and Liberty Poole after the vote.

‘I’ll be upset if we’ve got quite a few votes because no one has voiced anything to us, so it will come across quite two-faced,’ she told the girls. ‘Us getting back together and everyone’s cheering on the day beds, I’ll be like why are you cheering for us if you actually don’t think we’re compatible? I wouldn’t really want to be in a villa with people who haven’t voiced their concerns about my relationship with him to me.’

Ultimately then, it appeared the islanders we’re gearing up for some drama when the vote was announced, as it was confirmed Faye and Teddy received three votes from their friends. To add fuel to the fire, Priya even told Faye she wasn’t one of them before leaving the villa last night.

Now, viewers are expecting a kick-off on tonight’s episode, with some accusing Faye of ‘interrogating’ islanders before it was confirmed that she was in the bottom four.

But of course, many are in agreement with her reasoning. She may be taking the vote a lot more personally than the others, but there’s validity in questioning your friendship with people when they withhold vital information from you.

The thing is, knowing Faye’s temperament, there’s no wonder some islanders are nervous to confront her – particularly when the basis of their reasoning is that she can be argumentative and Teddy is not that way inclined. Is there ever a nice way to broach that topic with someone who deals with some anger issues? And more importantly, is there any point?

Faye may be right to feel her friends are being insincere by not raising their concerns with her, particularly since they’re actively encouraging the relationship, but given that islanders weren’t even asked to think about their compatibility until last night, perhaps she should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes, you watch your friend in a polar-opposite style relationship with raised eyebrows, but while both parties are happy, there’s clearly no need to confront them on how different they are. That doesn’t mean you think they’ll last the distance, just that there’s no point raising red flags the couple themselves clearly don’t care about – or at least, are trying to work through. The same goes for Faye and Teddy, they know their very different people but they’re working on communication compatibility, and that’s all they can do to prove their love for each other.

If their friends don’t see that, it doesn’t mean they’re any less likely to last, nor that they should all be talking about it 24/7 – but of course, this is reality TV and there’s no doubt Faye will’ve been riled up to react regardless of the outcome. Honestly, at this point, it’s likely going to fall on Teddy to bring Faye back a pace or two, hopefully he can do that before the public turn on her once more.

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