Who Plays Tony Blair In Season Six Of The Crown?

The New Labour leader will play a prominent role in the final season...

Tony Blair and Cherie Blair in 2006

by Nikki Peach |
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Season six of The Crown airs on Netflix on 16 November and takes us from 1997 to 2005. As the historical events on the show edge closer and closer to home, there's no doubt that for many people this is bound to be the most contentious season yet. With Princess Diana's death, Tony Blair's premiership and King Charles and Queen Camilla's wedding all set to be covered.

Tony Blair came into office as the first New Labour leader in 1997 following his decisive victory against the existing Prime Minister, John Major. He did briefly appear in season five of The Crown, but Tony Blair's time in government will be explored in greater detail this season.

Bertie Carvel (Babylon, Doctor Foster) will reprise his role as the former Prime Minister, having briefly first appeared in season five, episode 10, when Charles is seen watching his electoral victory on television. He is later seen meeting with Jonny Lee Miller's John Major, who leaves the new Prime Minister a note saying 'It's a great job. Enjoy it.'

Tony Blair served as Prime Minister during a very tumultuous period in the nation's history, which is likely to be reflected in the Netflix series. It's likely that conversations between Tony Blair and the Queen after Princess Diana's death will take place, and it's possible that the aftermath of 9/11 will be addressed too, as well as the protests and backlash he faced for the Iraq War.

Other historical events depicted in the season include the Queen's golden jubilee, Prince William's life at Eton and the start of Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship at St Andrews University.

Season six will comprise of 10 episodes, split into two parts. The first four episodes air on 16 November and the final six land on Netflix on 14 December. Previous seasons of The Crown are available to stream on Netflix now.

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