Is Kim Kardashian Dating Odell Beckham Jr?

Who is Kim's mystery man 'Fred'?

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Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got divorced in 2021, people have been speculating about Kim's dating life. Who's next? Will they be a sports star or a musician? Will they feature on the show? Every week there's a new theory to unpick.

We know she dated Pete Davidson for nine months, and we know she didn't date American footballer Tom Brady, but a lot of the rest is hearsay.

The Kardashians are no strangers to fuelling speculation about their private lives. It's sort of their job! And in episode three of the last season of The Kardashians, Kim appears to be sneakily texting someone called 'Fred' (well, not that sneakily, it's on the show). She even speaks to Kourtney's ex-partner Scott Disick about said 'Fred', so he's definitely on the scene one way or another...

And now that Kim appears to be dating Odell Beckham Jr, is it possible that he is said Fred? The NFL star was previously linked to Khloe Kardashian back in 2016 after the pair 'flirted' at Drake's Memorial Day pool party, but seven years later he seems to be focusing his attention on her elder sister.

Is Kim Kardashian dating Odell Beckham Jr?

While they haven't gone public yet, Kim and Odell are reportedly 'hanging out' a lot and enjoying each other's company. And if it's confirmed that Odell is 'Fred', then Kim could well be entering her WAG era, and we can't wait to see what that looks like.

Kim recently collaborated with Odell to announce the news that Usher will be headlining the February 2024 Super Bowl half time show. In the clip she says, 'I have the answers to the rumours. It’s not about me, it’s about you. You’re doing the Super Bowl.' And Usher replies, 'who messing with me, man?'

NFL stars including Odell, Deion Sanders and Marshawn Lynch also appeared in similar clips.

Where does Fred live?

All we know so far is that Kim and Fred like to meet up in New York – particularly at Kim's favourite restaurant that has a private room downstairs. It also happens to be her former date spot with ex-boyfriend Pete. In the episode Kim says, 'It was the place I would go and have my secret dinners with Pete, and he’s probably like, I know what she’s up to.'

Has Fred met Kim's friends?

We first heard about Fred in the trailer for episode three, where Kim seemed to suggest Fred has got the seal of approval from her friends. 'My friends wanted me to meet someone,' she said in the clip.

Is Fred Kim's usual type?

Props to the mystery Fred, as making a good impression on Kim Kardashian is no mean feat. The reality star described her dating do's and don'ts in the episode, and the list is almost as long as her extensions.

She said, 'Number one, protect me. Number two, fight for me. Number three, good hygiene. I mean, I think that’s a given, I should take that off. Number four, calm. Five, no mom or dad issues. Six, patient. Seven, supportive. Genuinely happy for me. Successful. Good teeth...Spontaneous. Fun. My friends and family love him. Someone that can be a role model for my kids, especially that my boys can look up to. No heavy baggage – I have enough. Taller than me. Someone that loves to work out. A motivated person. An independent person that’s not clingy. And someone with good taste.' Know someone who meets the mark? Get in touch!

Who do people think Fred is?

So, we know his nickname is 'Drop Dead Fred', which suggests pretty heavily that he's a good looking guy. At the time, American footballer Tom Brady's name was thrown in the ring, as was Usher's after she went to two of his gigs in Vegas... And so was footballer Kylian Mbappe, American football coach Miles Austin, 'a Lakers player' and 'a British rapper'. But it seems the frontrunner remains Odell Beckham Jr for now...

However, another fan theory from the last season of The Kardashians is that Fred doesn't exist at all. One reddit user said, 'I don't think Fred exists. Interestingly I thought the clip where the producer asked her who she's texting, while Kim's sitting there staring down at her iphone was - exactly similar- to last season when the producers asked her about texting Pete.' And another added, 'It’s probably nobody. Just a story for the show.'

Are Kim and Fred keeping their relationship private?

According to Us Weekly, the relationship is so far based on 'subtle flirtation' and a mutual desire to 'keep things under the radar'. We're starting to think 'Fred' isn't his real name...

The source added: 'She’s not ready to be seen out on a date with anybody for the time being because she doesn’t want to make it a big deal. She knows once she’s seen on a date, then things get blown out of proportion quickly, but there is somebody special she has her eye on, so she’s excited about where things could go.'

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