Who Is Ali Harper, Selling The OC’s Newest Star?

She’s a beauty queen-turned property realtor, and Ali isn’t actually her name

Ali Harper

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There’s nothing to shake up the office dynamic than adding a new face to the fold – and Selling The OC did just that, welcoming Ali Harper into the world of O Group real estate.

Ali made her debut during season two of the Selling Sunset spinoff, joining the legendary Oppenheimer Group all before becoming an actual real estate agent and whilst living on the other side of the country. Impressive.

Want to know more about Ali Harper, Selling The OC’s newest beauty queen-turned-real estate agent aiming for a desk at the O Group? Here’s everything you could ever need to know.

Ali Harper in <em>Selling The OC. </em>Credit: Netflix.

What is Ali Harper's real name?

Surprise: her name isn't really Ali! Born Alexandra Harper, the star goes by the name of Ali. And honestly, with that many Alexes already in the OC office, we don't blame her.

How old is Ali Harper?

With her birthday falling on 28 January 1993, only child Ali is currently 30 years old. For our Astrology fans out there, this also makes her a confident and assertive Aquarius. Sounds like she'll fit right into the office dynamic.

Where is Ali Harper from?

The O Group's newest member hails from Tennessee, saying in her Selling The OC debut that ‘we’re like the Kardashians of the South.’ Ali raised in Williamson County, which sits just outside of Nashville, and received her degree in journalism and communications from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

When she’s not busy giving us major house envy in Orange County, she spends the rest of her time living in Nashville.

Is Ali Harper really a real estate agent?

When viewers first meet Ali, it's made clear that she doesn’t have her license yet – although she’s certainly intrigued by the world of real estate. During the show, she explains that her boyfriend flies to Orange County every Monday for work, and the couple are considering renting a place there to cut down on the back-and-forth travelling. Although she had dabbled in the Nashville real estate market, she ultimately decided there were bigger opportunities down in the OC and that it would make sense to get her license there.

So, with the question on everyones lips, is Ali Harper actually a real estate agent?

Currently, she’s not listed as an agent on The Oppenheim Group’s brokerage website - meaning she probably isn't. But after meeting with Jason Oppenheimer in Season Two, she seems pretty intent on securing her license sooner rather than later.

Ali previously revealed, ‘I literally thought you could just get your real estate course done, and then sign up to take the test, and then boom. No, you actually have to be approved to just take the test. I've been waiting going on five months now.'

'The audience is actually going to be witnessing every single part of my real estate journey. This is not a fake thing. I moved here. This is my life and it's been nuts. I cry myself to sleep at night sometimes because there's so much happening. But at the end of the day, I'm proud of myself for just taking a risk and doing it.'

Prior to the world of real estate, Ali apparently worked as a sales account executive, before leaving her corporate career to run a fashion and beauty blog. She’s also dabbled in tech, web design, public relations.

Is Ali Harper in a relationship?

Part of the reason Ali splits her time between Nashville and Orange County is all down to her love life. The star is currently in a relationship with Lucas England, who she often travels with. She and Lucas recently celebrated their second anniversary, revealing on Instagram that they were neighbours for years before romance blossomed.

According to Lucas’s LinkedIn, he’s currently a vice president at a global supply chain company.

‘The whole purpose of me exploring this new life and new career was that my boyfriend always travels,’ she told Women's Health ahead of O.C. season 2. ‘We were looking [for] an outlet to split our time 50/50 between Nashville and Orange County.’

Has Ali Harper been on reality TV before?

Is Ali looking familiar? This might be why.

Turns out, Selling The OC isn’t her first foray into reality television. She was actually a cast member of CMT’s Music City, a 2018 docuseries that followed young adults as they chased their dreams in Nashville. Think The Hills, but country-fied.  According to IMDB, she also appeared in the movie The Baby in the Basket.

Who is Ali Harper's mum, Sharon?

Back in 2017, Ali added the title of pageant queen to her resume after being crowned Miss Tennessee USA. It was no surprise she then went on to place in the top 10 for the Miss USA competition. After all, she is a second-generation pageant queen!

Her mother Sharon (who briefly appears in Selling The OC) won the Miss Tennessee USA crown back in 1981.

What is Ali Harper's net worth?

It’s not totally clear what her net worth is at the moment, but some sources say it sits around $1 million – and once she makes her first big sale, it’ll no doubt soar.

Does Ali Harper have Instagram?

Yes – and you can follow her for a bunch of foodie content too. The star has posted a bunch of recipes on her account @alexandra__harper, from homemade pizza to one-pan chicken.

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