This Video Will Get You Up To Date With Line Of Duty’s Last Five Seasons In Just Six Minutes

Plus, what CHIS actually means...

Line of Duty's Kelly McDonald

by Georgia Aspinall |

Last Night, the sixth season of Line of Duty graced our screens after two long years of waiting. Attracting a record audience of 9.6million, critics loved the opening to the latest season, praising it’s similarity to early years episodes.

With the dramas surrounding the AC-12 anti-corruption unit gripping viewers since 2012, it seems lockdown has gotten us sucked into Line of Duty more than ever. But being that it’s been on for nearly 10 years, with seasons often separated by two years at a time, many viewers were also struggling to keep up with all of the back stories that led to the latest exploits.

That’s why one YouTube video, titled ‘All Line of Duty in six minutes’ is currently doing the rounds on social media. Posted onto the BBC’s YouTube channel, the six minute video thoroughly explains everything you need to know about the last five seasons of Line of Duty, so you’re thoroughly prepped and prepared for the twists and turns to come.

Frankly, it’s necessary right now. Lockdown seems to have scuppered all of our attention spans, with experts blaming the prolonged sense of fight or flight we’ve all been in for the past year – plus, you know, our exposure to technology from dawn till dusk, mostly on apps that literally use gambling tactics to keep us dialled in to 7000 different apps 24/7. Then there’s lockdowns impact on memory, with social isolation and repetitive routines reportedly to blame for all of us feeling a little foggier lately.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder we need a little reminder of what went on in our favourite TV shows over the past few years – knowing our brains right now we’ll consolidate drag race with Line of Duty and end up with an entirely new plot line.

So, if you’re in need of an easy and efficient reminder of everything that’s happened in Line of Duty so far, just check out the video below and rest assured you’re as up to date as ever…

What does CHIS mean in Line of Duty?

Now that you're up to date, you're probably also asking the same question everyone is Googling right now: 'What does CHIS mean?'. It was the acronym that no one could stop using in last nights opening episode, with viewers hastily searching for what the hell characters are referring to.

Well, CHIS actually stands for 'covert human intelligence source'. Essentially, it's an informant. It's a real term used in law enforcement, with the UK Home Office describing CHIS as meaning a 'relationship with a person for the covert purpose' of 'obtaining information or to provide access to any information to another person'; or someone who 'covertly discloses information obtained by the use of such a relationship or as a consequence of the existence of such a relationship'.

So there you have it, everything you needed to know - or were wondering - about Line of Duty explained. Don't say we never gave you anything.

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