All Our Favourite Quotes From Too Hot To Handle’s First Episode

'I'm not the brightest spark in the book.'

Too Hot To Handle

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With Love Island on a vague hiatus, and with months to wait for a new series of Love Is Blind, Netflix has delivered a natural replacement for those in need of a dose of sun and sex through our screens. With eight episodes of Too Hot To Handle landing this morning, we’ve started a binge session that should see us reach the end by tonight (with a bit of work in between). But we’ve already got our favourites, and there are a few lines that we’re considering putting on a T-shirt.

For those who aren’t familiar, Too Hot To Handle sees ten young singletons head to a tropical paradise, where they think they’ll be able to get frisky. But in episode one, they are informed that every kiss, hug and, well, you get the picture, will result in a deduction from a cash prize of £100,000. Take a look at the trailer here.

Good, right? While you catch up, here are our favourite quotes from episode 1.


'I’m not the brightest spark in the book.’


‘I study Women and Gender Studies at college. if you pay attention you kind of get a blueprint to how to pick up women'. Can you feel our eyes roll through your screen?

‘What I'm most proud of is my penis.’


Asked what language her back tattoo is: ‘I don't know.’ Cool.

‘I go to a lot of frat parties. Literally everyone's hammered. A girl's broken her neck before falling of the roof, but other than that it's fun.’

‘I mostly go for guys but if a girl looks just like me I'm so into that.’

‘Harry’s from Australia and I literally have no idea where that is.’


‘I don't have lines. I don't have a strategy. I just walk int a bar and take my clothes off.’


‘I think my personality is my best asset. But the eyes go to the boobs.’

‘I have’t seen Jesus’s body yet but I’d probably lick it too, to be honest.’


‘Sexually, I'm a lot to handle.’


‘I've played FIFA more then I've slept with girls.’

‘I’m a star. I’ve got my own gravitational force.’

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