Everything You Need To Know About Too Hot To Handle, Netflix’s Wild New Dating Show

No sex allowed.

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Following the smash hit success of Love Is Blind, Netflix are continuing their foray into dating shows with their next series: Too Hot To Handle. And by the looks of the trailer, the show really is going to be too hot to handle.

To be honest, their new venture looks quite like ITV’s Love Island - but there’s one huge twist, and it's sure to make the series very entertaining.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new show which is bound to keep us entertained during lockdown.

What is Too Hot To Handle?

It’s a dating show - unlike any other, as sex is not allowed. On the show, contestants are not allowed to hook up at all in order to have a chance at winning the $100,000 (£79,220) prize money. If they take part in any kind of sexual activity, then money will be deducted from the prize pot. (Yes, that involves masturbating.)

When is Too Hot To Handle released on Netflix?

Too Hot to Handle drops on Netflix in the UK on Friday April 17. The new dating series will consist of eight episodes, all of which will be available when the show lands. Yay! A perfect quarantine watch.

Who is on Too Hot To Handle? And what are their Instagrams?

Unlike most dating shows, contestants for Too Hot To Handle hail from all around the world. Here’s who’s appearing on the show… (And there’s a few from the UK, too.)

Chloe Veitch, 19

Chloe is an Essex girl 'who often puts her foot in it and says the wrong thing'. Apparently she was once asked to be in a girl band based in South Korea. Oh, and she also once fell so head over heels for someone that after only two weeks she got a tattoo of the date they met. Casual!

David Birtwistle, 28

David is an ex semi-pro rugby player with a first-class degree in engineering from London. Claim to fame? His ex-girlfriend is now engaged to Hugh Hefner's son.

Francesca Farago, 25

Canadian Francesca is a travel influencer, who previously dated renowned DJ Diplo. She's described as 'a true commitment-phobe, even though she does have an ex-boyfriend's name tattooed on the inside of her mouth'...

Haley Cureton, 20

Haley is a business student from Florida, who volunteers at an animal shelter and once got a tattoo done in an ‘unknown language'. (That's another contestant with a weird tattoo!) According to her Netflix bio, she is 'open to building romantic connections with both the boys and the girls.'

Harry Jowsey, 21

Harry is described as 'a cheeky-chappy from Australia' who 'has the girls lining up.' He says he is ‘a giraffe on ice’ on the dance floor who turns into a ‘disco queen’ after a couple of drinks. Sounds like a laugh.

Kelechi "Kelz" Dyke, 27

Kelz was born in Austria and is the eldest of 8 children, he moved to the UK aged 13 and is now a senior recruitment consultant based in London. He's described as 'an alpha-male who is used to getting what he wants' and he has 'his eyes on the prize'.

Matthew Smith, 29

Matthew from Colorado has apparently been in the running for _America's Next Top Mode_l. However, he’s said that he's worried that a dog will be his only companion for life, hence his appearance on the show. Apparently his catchphrase is: ‘I skinny dip in any sea everywhere I go.’ Spiritual.

Nicole O'Brien, 23

Nicole is an Irish marketing consultant based in London, who has worked on yachts in Chicago hosting the likes of Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Jay Z. She says that 'her main dating downfall is that she can be selfish and won’t compromise easily.' She also admits that she 'can get jealous and isn’t afraid of confrontation if another girl goes for the boy she wants'.

Rhonda Paul, 27

Netflix say that, 'Atlanta-girl Rhonda can have any boy she wants and won’t let anyone get in her way. She loves the chase, but she’s bored of the dating scene and wishes she could find a connection with someone.' But will she stick to the rules of the show?

Sharron Townsend, 25

Sharron from New Jersey is a personal trainer and professional kids’ wrestling coach, who is 'unable to imagine himself settling down'. Oh, and he was also crowned Mr Pennsylvania 2018.

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