Remember The Time Carrie Bradshaw Compared Her Issues With The Troubles?

It's not the same, Carrie. Really.


by Grazia |

Iconic television shows don’t always age well. In recent years, we’ve really been looking at the programmes that should be edited, tweaked or taken off air completely thanks to inappropriate language, themes or depictions of minorities. But every now and again we watch a classic episode of a beloved programme and wonder how they ever got away with something in the first place. You want an example? Season 1, Episode 3 of Sex And The City.

In this episode, Carrie Bradshaw is struggling to be a single woman with married friends. She has just been unceremoniously evicted from a holiday in The Hamptons by her friend Patience, who seems threatened to hear that Carrie accidentally and innocently saw her husband naked. The whole incident makes her wonder – as she so often did – and she soon makes what may be the most false of equivalences in the history of TV.

‘As I sifted through the rubble of my marriage skirmish, I had a thought’, she says. ‘Maybe the fight between marrieds and singles is like the war in Northern Ireland. We’re all basically the same, but somehow we ended up on different sides.’

No, Carrie, your issues with your mates are not like ‘the war in Northern Ireland.’ For the uninitiated, Carrie is referring to what is known as The Troubles, a three-decade conflict in Northern Ireland between nationalists and unionists that began in the late Sixties. Violent and bloody, more than 3,600 people were killed, and thousands more were injured.

The episode of Sex And The City first aired on June 21st, 1998, mere months after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement effectively put an end to the conflict. The horrors of The Troubles, then, were horribly fresh, and the pain is still very much felt across Northern Ireland and beyond.

Many people who get their boxsets out for a bit of Carrie nostalgia have expressed shock at the insensitive and strange reference. ‘No Carrie, it’ really isn’t’, says one. ‘The worst moment in SATC’, another adds.

In short, another addition to the theory that [Carrie Bradshaw is, in fact, the worst.](http://8 Times Carrie Bradshaw Was The Actual Worst)

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