These Are The Succession Characters Most Likely To Get A Spinoff

Your move, Jesse Armstrong

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The final season of Succession season 4 is almost like the first day of a long-awaited holiday. You can’t bear for it to start because that means the countdown to the inevitable end has begun.

At least this series will be generously spread out over 10 juicy, expletive-filled weeks, with an episode dropping each week. That’ll keep us away from a, dare I say it, post-Succession world for a little longer. But what then, [Succession creator] Jesse Armstrong?? What do you expect us to do with our lives??? Clinging on to hope of a spinoff is all we have right now.

Luckily, our prayers might be answered as rumours are swirling that such a thing is on the cards. The question is, which character will become the latest Fraiser/Joey/Saul? All of Succession's characters are tragically entertaining, flawed and deliciously obnoxious in equal measure; I could imagine any one of them with their own Better Call Saul type offshoot. Gerir’s World? I’d watch it. Roman’s Ruins – when does it start!

But two characters in particular seem to be the frontrunners, touted the most among fans, commentators and even cast. It's everyone’s favourite double act, Tom and Cousin Greg. According to Nicholas Braun, who plays Cousin Greg, Jesse Armstrong has plans to make a spin-off with Tom and Cousin Greg in….. Antarctica. (Ok, this is a fantasy).

Even so, he said: ‘Yeah, we're going to do it. Yeah, we're doing it. It's happening. They'll probably announce it next week, or the week after, and then we'll start filming it soon. Yeah. The storyline's pretty funny. We go off to Antarctica, and it's just the two of us trying to survive, and then we die pretty quickly. We die after three or four episodes. And that's it. And that's Jesse, you know, he'll just end it when he wants to, and he doesn't want to shoot that show for too long,’ he told Entertainment Weekly.

Sadly, this doesn’t seem like the most likely outcome. But speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Nicholas also said of a Succession spin-off: ‘You’d have to drop Tom and Greg into some weird world, you know. Drop ‘em into the Philippines or something. Drop him into some crazy, weird, micro-business world we never saw on the show.’

Even Sarah Snook, (Shiv) admitted a sequel would have to be Tom and Greg. When asked on the red carpet by the Hollywood Reporter which character she thinks would make for the best spin off story she said: ‘Tom and Greg, like some sort of half a comedy, setting up the head office in Vancouver, like Canadian outpost.’

Speaking to Deadline, Brian Cox (who plays Logan Roy) said: ‘The only character who I think could be in a spin-off is Greg. You know, Greg could be in a spinoff in a whole series about idiocy, his ridiculousness.’

Then there are the countless memes and Tweets suggesting it’s the spin-off that makes the most sense. In the US The Disgusting Brothers was trending, with people commenting that it was the show we needed to see.

Quite frankly, that’s enough teasing from everyone – especially those in the industry, they should know better than to get our hopes up like that. Come on Jesse and give the world what it wants, announce the spinoff that would rival Angel, The Hills, Better Call Saul, Fraiser and House of the Dragon all rolled into one.

The Disgusting Brothers are too good to disappear.

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