Sex And The City’s Author Candace Bushnell Didn’t Enjoy And Just Like That

Turns out it wasn’t just fans that were left confused by some of the reboot.

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From Carrie wetting the bed to Che’s woke button, there were many aspects of And Just Like That which left us questioning: ‘What is actually going on?’ And it turns out this sentiment was shared by the author of the original Sex And The City anthology Candace Bushnell.

‘I’m really startled by a lot of decisions made in the reboot,’ she told Variety in a recent interview. ‘You know, it’s a television product, done with Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker, who have both worked with HBO a lot in the past. HBO decided to put this franchise back into their hands for a variety of reasons and this is what they came up with.’ Ouch – she clearly wasn’t impressed.

Explaining her disappointment, Bushnell said she could no longer relate to Carrie, Mirandaor Charlotte’s because of their ignorance of modern culture and LGBTQ+ terminology. In numerous ways, she explained, the characters no longer mirrored the experience of the women she knew. And this is a qualm she has felt for many years.

‘When the character of Carrie sleeps with Mr. Big after he’s married to somebody else—that’s when I felt like the character’s becoming something other [than myself],’ Bushnell explained. When asked if she could see herself in Carrie in And Just Like That, she added: ‘Not at all. I mean, Carrie Bradshaw ended up being a quirky woman who married a really rich guy. And that’s not my story, or any of my friends’ stories. But TV has its own logic.’

While Bushnell may not have been impressed by what her collection of newspaper columns has become, many fans were left hankering for a second season when the reboot reached its finale at the start of February.

While HBO is yet to announce whether there will actually be a second season, the network’s chief content officer Casey Boyc defended Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker’s work and made clear that he’s interested in series two.

‘We’re thrilled with how the show did and Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker are talking to make sure there’s a creative direction they’re excited by,’ Boyc told Variety. ‘They will come to us when they’re ready, but I hope they have something they’re excited by…We’re just giving them time.’

Stoking fuel to fan’s excitement, Patrick King told Emmy Magazine{ =nofollow}: ‘As we were working, it always felt like the beginning. It didn’t feel like a beginning, middle and an end. So, I think it’s possible to keep going—if we have good enough stories.’ Perhaps he could consult Candace Bushnell for a few ideas?

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