We Found Nigella’s Leopard Print Knife!

As Nigella Lawson's new series, Cook, Eat Repeat aired, everyone went mad for her animal print knife set.

Nigella Leopard Print Knife

by Rhiannon Evans |
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Thank goodness for the glorious return of Nigella Lawson to our screens as Nigella's Cook, Eat, Repeat airs on BBC Two every Monday. And while many became obsessed with the banana skin curry - we've got our eye on her leopard print knife.

And if would seem Twitter was just as obsessed.

Yes, veeerrry, verrrry into Nigella's leopard print knife. Us too, don't worry.

For further evidence, may we direct you to this graph showing searches around 'leopard print knife' spiking as she whipped hers out during the first episode.

Nigella leopard print knife.

No joke, in the name of journalism, we spent MANY an hour trying to track down these knives for you, dear Grazia reader. Yes, because we wanted one ourselves, but also, for you as well.

And it seems Nigella has had the knife for some time. She used it on her show in 2015 and Twitter went similarly wild for it. And being the absolute queen that she is, she replied to everyone to let them know where she'd bought it, The Cook Shop in Burford.

But they were CLOSED (it's quite late by now). Some further Twitter digging and googling though, revealed that the leopard print knife was made by Swiss company Kuhn Rikon. Which explains why every time we googled 'GIVE US THE LEOPARD PRINT KNIFE', we ended up on their website where they do sell a delightful collection of patterned knives.

You can buy them here... but alas NO LEOPARD PRINT. And just to prepare you, this is where things get VERY UPSETTING/2020.


Nigella Leopard Print Knife

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Kuhn Rikon pattern knives

Firstly, after our wasted and fruitless evening (there's not even a cheap knock-off version we could find anywhere. And believe us, WE TRIED) Nigella, being the star hun that she is, actually responded anyway to let us all know where the leopard print knife was from.

And finally, we got a call back from the people at Kuhn Rikon. And we're sorry to say, it's not good news.

A company spokesperson told us they had seen an uptick in sales of the patterned knives similar to Nigella's leopard print knife. But at this stage, when it came to the leopard print knife, 'however, we don't have any plans to return them just yet.'


So, we have two courses of action, organise and petition Kuhn Rikon to bring the leopard print knife back in time for our Christmas stockings. Or pray that someone out there in the savvy world of retail, hears our cry and makes a similar one. Who's up for a petition?

For now, we'll be making our banana skin curry WITH OUR PLAIN OLD BORING KNIVES.

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