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All The Best Things Coming To Netflix In July

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Welcome to Summer 2018, ladies and gentlemen. The days are finally a little bit longer and everything's looking just that little bit brighter. And while we'd all like these extra daylight hours to automatically equate to more time spent in the great outdoors, deep down we know it doesn't work like that. Hay fever is still A Thing, there are only so many BBQs one can have before destroying the sweet novelty of almost-burnt food and, alas, Netflix continues to call.

This month Netflix beckons with some absolute gems. We have the return of very long awaited series (clue: Litchfield Penitentiary really is no more), some old trusty faithful shows promise to rumble along with their weekly releases and there's a film to fit more scenarios than we're anticipating the need for. Classic Netflix, eh?

You know the drill by now. To save you the hassle of scrolling through that dreaded 'browse' page, we've narrowed down the best of this month's Netflix TV and film offerings. From top-notch originals to some familiar faces, here's whats worth watching this month.

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