Someone Created An Easier Way To Search Netflix And We Are SO Grateful

Flixable means no more endless hours searching for something new to watch

Someone Created An Easier Way To Search Netflix And We Are SO Grateful

by Aida Amoako |

Who hasn’t closed Netflix in a huff after wasting half an hour just looking for something to watch? There are literally thousands of titles on the streaming service, but it can sometimes feel like the opposite when the same titles seem to pop up over and over again

Ville Salminen, known as CrazedEli on Reddit, heard the people cry out and launched Flixable on Friday. It’s a search engine for Netflix which lets you browse by genre, release date and even IMDb rating. Salminen told Mashable that he started the site to learn more about programming but after hearing other reddit users complain about Netflix’s limited browsing options, he realised ‘there’s still a demand for a site like Flixable.’

Flixable cuts down the time you spend looking for something to watch. It orders the results by release date and rating so you could watch, for example, the best cult movies released in the 1980s, or even the worst movies released in a specific year if you wanted to. Netflix’s current thumbs up/thumbs down rating system hasn’t helped all that much either according to users, recommendations seem barely tailored to you when almost everything seems to be a 90 percent match.

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What’s also great about Flixable is that there is an entire section dedicated to titles that are due to leave Netflix which means you can make sure you catch something before it leaves the site forever. (Freaks and Geeks is leaving February 1st!)

Flixable originally could only be used by U.S. Netflix users but Salminen was nice enough to listen to reddit users who asked him to open the service for other countries including the U.K, Canada and Finland. If you don't use Netflix, there's no need to worry! Salminen said he's also talking to Hulu bosses about making a version for that streaming service too.

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