Here’s Why Daniel And Matt Weren’t At The MAFS Dinner Party

It's the question everyone is Googling following last night's explosive show...

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On last night’s Married At First Sight UK, we bore witness to the first newlywed dinner party. After the outrage that ensued at each dinner party on MAFS Australia, fans were on tenterhooks waiting for whatever scandal might start over steak tartare… and boy were we not disappointed.

From Nikita Jasmine kicking off on Jordan Mundell – so much so she was removed from the show for ‘aggression’ – to Alexis Economou finally getting some much-needed flirting from Ant Poole (who also happens to be Nikita’s husband… not that fans seem to mind), it was every bit as dramatic as you’d expect from a reality show where strangers marry each other.

Of course, there was one thing missing from the dinner party – or should we say, two things: Matt Jameson and Daniel McKee. MAFS UK’s first ever same-sex couple didn’t show up to the first group dinner, causing a huge spike in Google searches for the pair.

In fact, ‘Matt and Daniel MAFS’, ‘gay couple MAFS’ and other variations of the couple’s names make up 14 of the top 20 searches around the show. The couple's absence did not go unnoticed by the other guests either, with Morag Crichton asking everyone where they were – coming to the conclusion they must’ve left the show. So, what’s the deal?

Why did Matt and Daniel miss the first MAFS dinner party?

Well, in a moment many seem to have missed – Daniel actually gives a brief explanation on the phone to Morag. For those watching live, it all seemed quite ominous. ‘I'm not coming to the dinner party and neither is Matt. We will tell you when we next see you,’ Daniel said. But if you listen closely, he actually explained ‘we got stuck on the honeymoon.’

Grazia reached out to Channel 4 for further detail on Daniel and Matt’s absence, and a spokesperson confirmed that it was all to do with honeymoon logistics. Of course, fans have jumped to the conclusion it must all be Covid-related.

‘How much do you bet Daniel and Matt are stuck isolating cause of COVID? #MAFSUK,’ one viewer tweeted.

It’s not far from the realm of possibility. Matt and Daniel headed to Mexico for their honeymoon, and when the show was filmed in April this year Mexico were using a traffic light system to determine various levels of lockdown. While it’s not known exactly what part of Mexico Matt and Daniel travelled to, it could well be that the couple got caught in some lockdown-related logistical issues in returning to the UK.

All should be revealed in tonight’s episode of MAFSUK though, when the couples will take part in their first commitment ceremony.

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