MAFS UK’S Kwame Badu Refutes Accusations He ‘Fat-Shamed’ Kasia London

‘I always made clear that I found her attractive’

Kasia and Kwame

by Millie Payne |
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Married at First Sight UK star Kwame Badu has refuted accusations that he ‘fat-shamed’ his ex-wife Kasia London.

Kwame, 42, and Kasia, 36, left the experiment in scenes aired last week after she came to the realisation that things were ‘completely over’.

And in a recent interview with The Sun, body contour clinic owner Kasia slammed her ex-husband’s ‘fat-shaming antics’, adding, ‘I came on the experiment to find love and a man that would stand by my side through thick and thin. But, it turns out that the man selected for me would only stick with me through thin.’

Kwame – who voiced in the early days of the show that his preference was petite women - has since denied the claims made against him in a chat with MailOnline, admitting he wanted to be ‘sexually active’ but had received advice from friends and family beforehand ‘not to go in quickly like I usually do’.

‘I definitely found Kasia attractive. She knew I found her attractive. I always made clear that I found her attractive and that I had dated women that look like her.

'We shared a bed for six weeks, we cuddled, we danced, we held each other, we spooned, we kissed, she would fall asleep on my shoulder – there was all of that,’ he said.

The business consultant said that Kasia ‘has an amazing body’ and ‘works out really hard’, but did draw on the concept of double standards.

He said, ‘I said the one line about wanting someone petite, which has blown up and words like 'fat shaming' are being mentioned when I did not once say that but when she mentioned I go for 6ft4, bigger, and even when she met me at the aisle, her maid of honour said “all of his family look a bit small.”’

Issues began to arise between the couple during the ‘homestay’ part of the experiment, where the newlyweds invite each other to see where they live. Kwame’s homestay was filmed on a local park bench, but Kasia welcomed him into her home. Her sisters and best friend were unanimous in the fact he wasn’t the man for her, which appeared to aid her decision to leave the experiment in the following commitment ceremony.

Many assumed that Kwame was still living with his ex-wife - hence not letting Kasia see his house - but he set the record straight on this during his interview, revealing he did not want to show his home on television because it is where his children live.

Producers allegedly told Kwame they would find an Airbnb, but they later informed him they couldn’t find anywhere.

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