MAFS UK: Everything Duka Said On ‘Reality With Will Njobvu’

The MAFS star sets the record straight on eeeeverything...

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When Duka Cav appeared on Married At First Sight UK, fans couldn't help but love the chirpy 31-year-old, who somehow seemed to keep smiling even through the rockiest patches of his relationship with fellow contestant Whitney Hughes.

But after weeks filled with arguments, insults, and a bombshell cheating scandal, Duka appeared on the podcast Reality with Will Njobvu to set the record straight - and spill a whole load of piping hot tea.

So strap yourself in - here is everything Duka said.

PJ wasn't the only stripper

Fans of the shows were confused to hear rumours of Duka's secret past as a stripper - particularly as the show was openly discussing Dreamboys' PJ Finch.

Setting the record straight, Duka revealed "Yeah, course I was stripping. Friends, family, cast members, E4 - everyone knows that I stripped when I did my postgrad degree."

Baring it all (no pun intended), he explained "Of course [Whitney knew]. She took it alright. She understood why. The reason why they made such a hoo-hah about PJ's stripping is because that's PJ's career. For me, I did it part time for a bit of petty cash to help with life. There wasn't a story for me to be saying 'Oh yeah, I'm a stripper too."

He was marrying The Exorcist

"Place me in any habitat or social setting, and I'm gonna thrive," explained Duka, adding "You can't say the same for some of the other cast members. Whitney's a prime example of that."

And one of those awkward social settings that had us all cringing was the wedding day, in which an incredibly unimpressed Whitney made her feelings known about her future hubby.

And it turns out, Duka picked up on those feelings too.

He said, "I turned around and the first thing I notice is the eye-rolling. I didn't even see the person, I saw the body language. I just saw flailing hands, a lot of eye-rolling and huffing and puffing. I'm looking over at the priest like, 'Is this The Exorcist?' I'm looking at my dad like, 'Dad, I think I've f****d up!' But it's like the point of no return.

The wedding day wasn't all roses

Talking about the wedding day, Duka admitted that he was "a bit hungover" when he got hitched.

And it turns out there was no mini-bus bringing the happy families together to watch the upcoming nuptials.

"It was a lot of sorrys [that day] as well, because a lot of those guys had to give up their day of work, fund their own journeys there, give up their holiday. So a lot of them sacrificed a lot to be there for me."

Duka's dad was not a fan

It was impossible not to love Duka's dad when he appeared at the wedding. With his no nonsense approach, Tony seemed to voice what everyone was thinking...

But whilst no harsh words were said on camera, Duka admitted that behind the scenes was a different story.

Opening up about his family, he said, "They were hella opinionated behind the cameras. They thought Whitney was rude, they thought she was disrespectful. When you're both going through that very nerve-wracking situation, have a bit of decorum to keep it zen."

On those 'fake' claims...

Whitney had viewers shocked when she tearfully insisted that Duka was making comments off-camera that were proving his intentions were fake - but speaking to Will, Duka set the record straight.

"From the wedding itself, I realised this girl had no self-awareness. So therefore my thing is, hey, listen. If you want to come out of this things and still be working, be careful with what you say."

"Whenever the cameras came back on, she'd throw it back in my face and say I'm being fake."

He added, "The camera's record you six days a week, 12 hours a day. There's some hella opinionated cast members there. If there's even a small ounce of truth in what she was saying about me, they would have jumped on that like hungry sharks, and they would have ran with it because it made better telly."

Tears were cried over undercooked broccoli

Whilst the idea of soggy veg might not seem that heartbreaking, everyone knows the feeling of getting a little bit too overwhelmed.

Addressing that dinner party scene which saw an emotional Whitney leave the room in tears over his fakeness, Duka revealed "You know what that scene was about? It was because on her plate she had broccoli or cabbage that wasn't cooked properly. She was crying because of that, not because of me."

"Obviously when people cry on telly, that's when they get the most airtime. When people cause drama, they get the most airtime."

Whitney binned the ring on purpose

Losing your wedding ring would be a move which no doubt would leave thousands of brides around the world retracing their steps and sobbing into their sleeves.

But Whitney seemed entirely unbothered after admitting her wedding ring was missing during their honeymoon - adding that the ring had "lost itself."

And appearing on the podcast, Duka revealed that Whitney losing the ring was no accident, saying "She purposefully threw away the ring. She told me!"

The cheating scandal was a shock

Duka found himself embroiled in a cheating scandal after Whitney ditched him for fellow contestant Matt.

"I was more shocked like, really? Matt? Why didn't you go for my boy PJ? Why didn't you go for my boy Kwame?"

"Matt is very different to me, but very similar at the same time. He likes to host and do speeches. And it's funny how when Matt does it, it's all 'Matt, woo!' But when Duka does it, it's like 'Oh my God, stop being a showman."

And when it came to finding out about the affair, Duka revealed that he was disappointed - especially after considering Matt a close pal.

"I found out the night before it got revealed at the dinner party. Kwame told Whitney to come and tell me out of respect."

"I was very disappointed that Matt didn't come to tell me. Kwame had to tell Whitney to let me know, and it's like why wouldn't you do that before everything? Approach me as a man."

The show is ripe with double standards

Responding to comments about whether Whitney - who lost her mum tragically in 2019 - might have acted out as a way to cope, Duka countered: "I never once used my past trauma to sh*t on other people or be rude. We should not be excusing how we treat other people."

"Look at the double standards. If you're going to talk about the whole stag do and hen do, Whitney had a go at Jess for saying she'd sleep with someone on the first night. Whitney was hella opinionated about that - but when her and Matt go together..."

And after the show was draped in body-shaming discussions after contestant Jonathan shared some insulting comments, Duka added, "The nation went ham at Jonathan for saying 'horse legs' [...] but when Whitney said I needed to be taller, bigger... I mean, it's the audacity of double standards. Because if a man had said those same things about a woman, I'd be cancelled."

The experts got it wrong

When asked whether experts Paul C Brunson, Mel Schilling and Charlene Douglas got it right, Duka said, "No, they didn't, and Paul will own up to that. He knows that he effed up, and they know they effed up."

"And part of me believes I was there as a sacrificial lamb, because MAFS would not be MAFS unless there's some drama happening."

We could have seen him on our TV screens in some very different shows

It turns out that we could have spotted Duka on our screens in some very different circumstances.

After admitting he would do reality TV again if the right opportunity came along, Duka admitted that he'd been scouted for various other hit TV shows before, with people reaching out "regarding The Cabins, Love Island, Take Me Out."

Whitney's got the cast blocked

Addressing the Whitney drama, Duka revealed "It's funny and ironic how she's blocked at least half [of the cast] on Instagram. Sometimes when people share their opinions, they don't want certain people to know about their opinions."

At this rate, don't expect any happy reunion shows...

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