MAFS UK: Should Whitney Hughes and Matt Murray Been Allowed Back In The Experiment?

Viewers are still torn over whether the experts made the right decision in bringing them back.

Whitney and Matt

by Millie Payne |
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As far as experiments go, Married at First Sightis on the extreme end of the spectrum. After all, saying ‘I do’ to a complete stranger isn’t exactly conventional, but we take our hats off to those who feel brave enough to leave the decision of their future husband or wife in the hands of experts - aka Paul C Brunson, Mel Schilling and Charlene Douglas.

And if you have not missed a beat of this year’s ever-entertaining MAFs UK, you will know that the majority of the cast have conducted the experiment to the book. It has not always been an easy feat, and some couples failed to go the distance, but there is no disputing that most hopefuls have thrown themselves into what is a life-changing experience, regardless of the outcome.

But in a dramatic unfolding last week, the group was divided when Whitney Hughes and Matt Murraywere allowed to remain in the experiment, but as an unmarried pairing. Now, as the final week comes round, it seems fans of the show still can't decide if the experts made the right choice - and if the couple will make it to the end.

If you need a recap, the couple found themselves embroiled in drama and controversy when they decided they wanted to explore a connection, despite being married to other people. A romantic bond between Whitney and Duka Cav never manifested, with the exes enduring a turbulent marriage during the experiment. Meanwhile, Matt and Gemma Rose initially hit it off at the altar, but it was a short-lived fairytale as they continued to clash over numerous issues.

It is safe to say the experts ruling that Whitney and Matt could return to the experiment ruffled several feathers, with many voicing that it was an injustice to the process and a stab in the back for a heartbroken Gemma.

While the likes of April Banbury and Johnathan Wileman welcomed the couple back with open arms, others were shocked to learn that Whitney and Matt had already consummated their fresh relationship and dropped the ‘l’ word.

And tensions spilt over into the latest dinner party, which saw Thomas Hartley – who had grown close to Gemma during her time on the show - blast Whitney as a ‘liar’ and an ‘adulterer’.

The question is, were the experts right to let Whitney and Matt continue the experiment?

It is not just the cast who have been torn over this, as viewers have been taking to social media to speak out.

‘Whitney and Matt wanting to be back in the process shows they don’t care for the essence of the experiment because they could’ve pursued whatever they wanted on the outside without judgement from the other couples and experts,’ one opinion read.

Another, however, was in support of the new couple, as they wrote, ‘How can you not be happy for Whitney and Matt”, while another chimed, ‘Am I the only one that loves and adores Matt and Whitney? Honest with themselves and their partners from day one.’

But others couldn’t hold back their unhappiness with the decision, writing, ‘I’m so disappointed in the experts and how nice they’re being about Matt and Whitney.’

The new couple on the block have certainly stirred up proceedings and we have no doubt it will be a recurring theme as the end of the experiment beckons.

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