MAFS UK Fans Are All Raising The Same Red Flag About Ella And JJ’s Relationship

Is this a clue as to whether the couple will make it?


by Rhiannon Evans |
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For a couple who weren't even originally matched as a couple, Ella Morgan and JJ Slater have become one of the biggest talking points of this series of Married at First Sight UK. And now a hair colour change of Ella's from blonde to brunette has sent viewers into another spin - and wondering if they're still together.

After the couple ditched their partners and re-entered together as a couple, it seemed like Ella believed they were on the road to a fairytale ending, but increasingly the couple have had issues around Ella's insecurities and JJ recently raised concerns around her behaviour after drinking.

Last night, Ella left viewers reeling when the MAFS UK contestant walked in with brunette hair.

And why? Because - as fellow contestant Peggy Rose Lawrence pulled her up on - they worried she'd done it to match up to JJ's mostly brunette exes.

Speaking to Peggy, Ella said last night at the dinner party: 'I didn’t believe someone like him that I fancy would like me. It was this fairy tale, but I started to doubt myself. I was like, right, I need to do everything to impress him for him to like me.'

Peggy commented: 'I don’t want you to change who you are to please someone else. I’m not silly, JJ likes brunettes, that’s why you’ve gone brunette.'

Ella looked shocked, saying: 'Did you know that?'

'I didn’t know you were going to walk in brunette but I knew why you had done it,' said Peggy.

The show then flipped to MAFS UK relationship expert Mel Schilling saying: 'I know she really wants to make this work, she wants a guy to fall for her and make her attractive - this is a dream come true for her, I just hope she doesn’t try too hard.'

And viewers of the show are saying the same thing.

Recently, Ella was seen admitting to the MAFS UK experts that she got upset after seeing one of JJ's exes and said that was why she was acting out. She told the group that she had started looking at JJ's ex-girlfriend on social media and felt like she wasn't 'pretty enough'.

Many viewers took to X/Twitter to make cruel comments about Ella, which seem unfair given how open Ella has been about her insecurities in the past. But on the whole, many were worried about Ella and whether her obvious insecurity would mean JJ and her wouldn't last.

Though, as many viewers pointed out, it looked like Ella had tried the brunette look for just the evening by using a wig instead of reaching for the dye.

As the series draws to a close, will the couple be able to overcome their issues?

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