MAFS Bob: ‘I’m Not Dating Morag – I’m With Someone New’

The reality star tells Grazia why he thinks some of his castmates only reached the final vows to increase their Instagram following.

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by Bonnie McLaren |

If you're a Married At First Sight fan, you might have read that a lot of the cast popped up on shows before they were cast on the E4 social experiment. Ant and Nikita both starred on MTV's Your Face Or Mine, Josh was on Shipwrecked and Morag was one of the infamous single ladies on Take Me Out. It later transpired that some of the cast were scouted for the show, and some applied because they wanted a shot at true love.

Business protection specialist Bob Voysey, 27 - or Big Bob, as he called himself on the show - was one of the contestants who applied, and was later paired with wellness coach Megan Wolfe, 25. Their relationship didn't work out, and the couple left the process early, but the show being aired has still had a massive impact on Bob's life. 'It's been a massive change in all aspects,' he tells Grazia, 'I've even left my job because I can't deal with everything at the same time.'

Ultimately, Megan and Bob's relationship had been on the rocks since Megan kissed another contestant Jordon Mundell following a dinner party. This, Bob says, was his lowest point on the show. And despite some doubts from fans, the kiss was definitely not scripted for drama - though alcohol consumed after filming, in the apartments they were living in, helped. 'That was real,' Bob insists. 'That was not set up. And don't get me wrong, copious amounts of whiskey doesn't help.' (On the second week, Bob says, people turned up to the commitment ceremonies with bottles of wine in their handbags.)

Bob doesn't have a bad word to say about Megan throughout the interview, and he's keen to dispel any rumours that he's dating fellow contestant Morag Crichton, after some headlines started appearing in the press a couple of weeks ago. The reality star even claims that someone tipped off the paparazzi when he went out with Adam Aveling and his fiancé Tayah Victoria, and Morag, on a night out in Leeds. '

'And then the next day there's these rumours about me and Morag, because there's pictures of us walking together,' he says. 'And I'm like, that narrative has just come out of nowhere.' Bob is now dating someone else, and he's keen to 'nip' the Morag rumours 'in the bud'. ' I just want to be nice and clear, I'm not dating [Morag] and I never will date her,' he says.

So, with all these prior TV appearances, and paps appearing on nights out - does Bob think some of the cast went on the show purely to increase their Instagram following? 'There's definitely a few of them that just went in there to play up. and the main thing was for people to make it to the end,' Bob says. 'Because the longer you're on there, probably the better. I'm not questioning some, as sometimes you just get to the real world and it doesn't work out. But people stayed in there for too long, like it was ridiculous that some of these couples got to the end.'

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