Made In Chelsea: Is It Wrong For Ruby To Keep Her Options Open?

Fans of the show are not so sure...

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Last night’s Made in Chelsea was extremely intense. Dare I say, are we creeping back to the glory days of Made in Chelsea? You know with Binky, Hugo Taylor and Lucy Watson? Many say (and I agree) that the old days are hard to replicate but the drama is really on top form this series. There are many intertwining storylines and lots of instigators driving story lines along; a special mention to key pot stirrers Tristan Phipps, Olivia Bentleyand Maeva D'Ascanio last night.

One storyline that is getting consistent shine is the Ruby Adler, Miles Nazaire and Reza Amiri-Garroussi love triangle and last night the drama came to a climax. Ruby and Reza were together for 10 years before calling time on their relationship and Ruby moved on to Miles ... or so we thought. Once and for all everything was laid out on the table between Ruby and Reza, and it was awkwardly done in front of couples Emily and Harvey and Tristan and Olivia. It was a classic awkward Chelsea dinner party - how we’ve all missed them!

Reza’s friends on the show (particularly Tristan,) have a problem with Ruby sending mixed signals to Reza. She still has an attachment to her ex, but also wants to explore something new that is developing with Miles – but is this so wrong?

Many viewers are taking to social media to discuss Ruby’s behaviour … and it’s not looking all that positive. Ruby has come across quite cold in her delivery to Reza. After being questioned about her feelings towards him she fired back with, ‘ You’re a f**cking idiot, go away and leave me alone.’ She then shouted, ‘I don’t want to get back with you if I wanted to get back with you, I would be calling you every day. I called you one day - I had a moment of weakness.’ Ruby became very defensive and verbally abusive to Reza, which cannot be condoned.

Reza exposes that Ruby calls him up consistently asking to get back together, but Ruby just continues to deny it all. Reza said what many were thinking, ‘Just own it – own that you’ve said these things.’ If Ruby owned up to her actions, it would really help to understand her point of view.

However, we do have to remember that technically Ruby is single. She is not tied down to either of these men and so can do how she pleases. Let’s be honest, since the beginning of time men have been perfectly allowed to date around and see different women, with almost no backlash. If they do so successfully they are even held to high regard or called a ‘lad’ by their group of friends. However, if a woman even dares to keep her options open and see multiple people we are chastised for it.

It’s important to also take Ruby’s individual situation into account. Ruby and Reza were together for 10 years. Ruby is 25, so that is a huge chunk of her life in one relationship from a young age. So now she is single, she should of course spread her wings and date around. She also hasn’t really navigated the sphere of adult dating either and is probably quite overwhelmed – although this does not excuse her abusive language, it just gives some insight into her reactions.

However, it doesn't seem like viewers are saying she can’t date around but rather it’s the way she has gone about it. I think if her general attitude was a bit better, and she was truthful – many viewers would have a bit more sympathy for her.

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