These Are The Love Islanders Who Returned To Their Day Jobs

From Lidl to the Olympics, here are some of the islanders who pursued their previous careers.

Love Island Georgia Townend

by Bonnie McLaren |

It'd be naive to think that most people on Love Island go on the show for love. As the biggest dating show in the UK, it's a catapult for most contestants - either into further TV opportunities, or a lucrative career influencing, modelling clothes, eating at fancy restaurants and going to showbiz parties. (And who can blame anyone for taking the fast track to fame?)

But, for some, after the buzz starts to die down - they go back to their lives before the villa, fuss-free, with a free holiday under their belt, and a life not worrying about Instagram engagements as their sole income. Sounds like a pretty good deal, to be honest.

Here are some of the recognisable faces who opted out of a full-time glitzy lifestyle, proving you can be a reality star and also have a career, if you so wish.


Love Islanders Who Have Returned To Their Careers

Rachel Finni
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The bombshell - who appeared on the last series - revealed in December 2021 that she had gone back to her job as a luxury travel specialist, and was excited about focusing on her career. Speaking on TikTok, she said: 'My end goal is to focus as much as I can on my career, keep doing influencing on the side and hopefully one day be a housewife with my babies.'

Georgia Townend
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Remember Georgia, who was in the villa for two days before Hugo rejected her (even though she couldn't have been more his type if she tried)? After becoming a fan favourite on social media, Georgia then returned to her job in food marketing at Lidl. She later told Grazia: 'It's important I send a positive message out to young people who perceive Instagram or other creative careers as the only measure of success. Good jobs and careers all look different to different people.'

Greg O'Shea
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Remember Greg, who won the 2019 series with Amber Gill? (OK, so that was mainly because of Amber being a national treasure - but.) He then went back to playing rugby after the show, and has since... completed in the Olympics. Love Island and the Olympics? The man has completed most people's dreams, there.

Dr Alex George
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Dr Alex is one of our favourite Love Islanders of all time. After his stint on the show, he returned to working in A&E in Lewisham. Now, of course, he's a high-profile TV doctor. He's also been doing an amazing job trying to decrease the stigmas surrounding mental health, after his younger brother, Llyr, took his own life. Last February, Alex became the government's UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador.

Malin Andersson
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During the coronavirus pandemic, admirably, 2016 islander Malin went back to her previous work as a carer. 'I couldn't sit at home, knowing I had the skills and training,' she said. 'I don't need to do it financially but I'm getting so much satisfaction from it.'

Anna Vakili
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Like Malin, Anna was another islander to go back to work during the coronavirus pandemic. Prior to her time on the show, Anna was a pharmacist. Making the announcement on Instagram that she was going back to work, she wrote, 'Wasn't really planning on registering yet but with everything that's going on it felt wrong not to. We can all fight this together. Stay safe. Stay home. Save lives.'

Amber Davies
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Amber, who won the 2017 series of Love Island, was training in musical theatre - and she's been incredibly successful leaving the villa. She made her debut in 9 to 5: The Musical back in 2019, and has since starred as the lead in Bring It On. Winning in every sense.

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