Will Love Island’s Jake And Liberty Last? A Relationship Expert Analyses Their Compatibility

‘In the real world, it will be Jake’s wandering eye and Liberty’s growing confidence that tests this couple.’

Jake and Liberty Love Island

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With this year’s Love Island seriously lacking on the love, Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole seem to be the only couple worth rooting for, but do they have what it takes to go the distance? Match’s dating expert, Hayley Quinn weighs in…

From the get-go Liberty seemed set on Jake, stepping forwards and coupling up with him, even as he was the first man to walk into the villa.

Initially Jake seemed keen to establish the fact that he was keeping his options open, suggesting at times that he didn't feel like tearing Liberty’s clothes off, and even directly telling her that he would want to explore things if a petite, blonde with ‘nice toes’ walked in. Yes, it was all very yikes.

Jake's desire to see how things went did feel slightly out of kilter with how much intimacy was growing between the couple, especially after their first night together in The Hideaway. Viewers may have been left thinking, 'What does Jake think he's missing in Liberty exactly?’

However one thing that's transformed recently in the villa is Liberty’s confidence. When Jake expressed he wanted to get to know Millie, she clearly upheld her boundaries and said she wasn't going to give him her 110% anymore if he didn't feel the same.

Instead of leaning in when he was pulling away she leant out and even stopped kissing him - making her point that if he wasn't seeing them as being in a couple, that she wasn't going to act like one. An extremely mature move.

I predict they'll stick together throughout the show, but not forever in the real world.

This seems to be exactly what Jake needed to hear and he now seems a changed man, and not only truly smitten with Liberty, but committed to her too. Now they've gotten over this hurdle, I predict they'll stick together throughout the show, and possibly for some time after.

Jake knows by now that he's got it pretty good and are a compatible match - the two even say they’re the same person, with one of Jake’s reasons for recoupling with Liberty last night was as he saw her as ‘me with a wig on’. However, when the real-world looms, I don't see this couple sticking together forever.

I predict either Jake will return to having a slightly wandering eye, or (more likely) Liberty’s confidence will continue to grow to the point she knows she can do better. Only time will tell but they’re a fun couple to watch and no doubt will continue to become a viewer’s favourite as they form one of the stronger bonds in the villa.

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