In A Surprising Twist, Chloe And Toby Are Viewers New Favourites To Win Love Island

Are they actually the most compatible couple in the villa right now?

Chloe and Toby

by Georgia Aspinall |
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Pick an insult, any insult, and you can guarantee that it’s been thrown at either Chloe Burrows or Toby Aromolaran in the last six weeks of Love Island. The pair have both separately, and together, been subject to numerous bouts of trolling after a series of villa scandals – none of which should be an excuse for it, by the way – and thus, their chances of winning the show were all but zero. That was, until a week ago.

Very quickly, in the last seven days, the couple have become fan favourites with viewers – and the betting companies have noticed. Their chances to win are now 10/3, sitting just second as favourites behind Liam Reardon and Millie Court – who had the biggest shake-up of the series when Liam cheated on Millie in Casa Amor.

But how have the two most clowned people in the villa become our favourites to win? Well, because of exactly that: they are undeniably and unashamedly their most-hilarious clowning selves, in the best way possible. So much so, everyone is now convinced they’d spend their £50k prize money on sweets.

Toby has had the biggest journey of redemption. After going for numerous women in the series – or, ‘going out on loan’ as he puts it – he was quite often called out for his womanizing ways. But in fact, viewers have come to realise that he is, quite simply, a master of unintended chaos. It was always clear he meant no harm to the women, that he was ‘learning’ empathy as he said himself, but since finding his way back to Chloe he’s done a full 180 on emotional intelligence.

In the past three days, we’ve even bore witness to Toby being the villa therapist on numerous occasions, spouting speeches to camera that seem as though he has genuinely… learned. It’s an arc we very rarely see on Love Island, with most of the villa villains womanizing in very intentional and blatant ways, often only kept in by the grace of their partner. Toby, however, seems to have been on a journey not just of love, but emotional intelligence too.

Chloe has, quite frankly, always been very funny. While she’s been at the centre of a few dramas in the villa, she’s chaotic in a self-aware way - and viewers have come to love that about her.

It’s where they come together though that the fandom is really forming. While other couples continue to struggle with communication and crossed boundaries, Chloe and Toby have actually mastered talking to each other about their issues in a way that suits them – even if it is hilariously juvenile. They genuinely seem to have a lot of fun together, and are incredibly compatible in their general aloofness and chaotic attitudes to life.

Essentially, they’ve just become very sweet to watch – and with so many of the other couples still proving difficult for viewers to fully support, we wouldn’t be surprised if they won the £50k just for entertaining us most for the last month. And then spend it on sweets and waterslides, of course.

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