Love Island’s Biggest Enemy Is The Cliffhanger Endings

Petition for no more Love Island cliffhangers... who's with us?

who is going to leave love island tonight?

by Bonnie McLaren |

It’s only been on screens two weeks, but this year’s Love Island has already been packed full of drama. We’ve witnessed Ekin-Su crawl around on her hands and knees for elicit snogs with Jay - and, in response, we’ve seen the spurned Davide really start to live his best hot girl summer life.

Don’t even get us started on Luca’s bizarre fixation on Gemma, which was taken to new heights when new bombshell Danica decided to split them up. We’ve also seen the departure of two bombshells - Remi and Afia - who seemed like they were in the villa for precisely two minutes.

But this week, to heat things up even more, the producers decided to spring a double dumping on the islanders, which has been left in the hands of the public. One of the boys will leave, and one of the girls will too, following a public vote.

However, to ensure we all tune in tonight, the producers are back to their old (annoying) tricks.

After gathering the islanders round the fire pit and letting them know about the double elimination, they ended last night’s episode on a brutal cliffhanger, meaning we still don’t know who’s going to be dumped from the island.

Please! Nobody has the time to wait 24 hours for the islanders to read out a text, revealing who’s going to be ditched. We all have better things to do, like send Love Island memes on Twitter. And work out how to get our hair as fabulous as Ekin-Su’s.

We know you feel the same, because all anyone seems to be googling is 'Who leaves Love Island tonight?' and 'What happens on Love Island tonight?'

It had seemed like the producers were changing their ways, in earlier episodes, we've been allowed to see the results of those texts around the bonfire. But when it comes to the latest twist, they reverted back to our most hated habit.

With Casa Amor on the horizon, we need producers to hear our cry... PLEASE no more cliffhangers, we've already got strikes and heatwaves to deal with. Having to wait a whole day to find out who gets dumped from the island is too much. And quite frankly, you know we'll come back the next day anyway, so don't torture us...

What happens on tonight’s Love Island?

Well, the episode is going to start with us finding out just who is going to leave the villa. As for the rest of the episode, we’re still not sure what fresh hell is going to happen after the shock dumping. (However, we will have a bit of an idea later in the day - when the Love Island social media accounts release their sneak peak footage.)

Who is going to leave (and get voted off) Love Island tonight?

Anyway, as we’ve just said - we STILL don’t know who’s going to leave. Something we're very annoyed about. But from the boys, at risk of elimination is: Andrew, Ikenna and Jay. And from the girls, it’s: Amber, Ekin-Su and Tasha. Not one, but two of these names are going to be leaving the villa tonight. So, place your bets now.

Who has already left Love Island?

Unfortunately, we’ve already said goodbye to two bombshells: Remi Lambert and Afia Tonkmor. And that list is only going to grow.

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