Love Island Bosses Recruiting New Contestants On Tinder Is An Unsurprising Yet Disappointing Twist

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If you’ve ever deep-dived the Love Island cast’s social media, which we hate to admit but we have on more than one occasion, you’ll know that the islanders are usually primed for Instagram domination even before appearing on the show.

Whether it’s already amassing a strong following or having simply perfected that Instagram branded content pose, the bosses typically always recruit the same type of person for the show: a social media fame-peckish beauty whose desperate for a teeth-whitening deal.

However, for the next season, bosses have decided to go in a different direction. When asked if the team had recruited contestants via Tinder, they confirmed this, with Angela Jain stating ‘we don’t want to cast the same characters every time,’ in a panel with the Royal Television Society yesterday.

She added ‘we aren’t looking for the next Camilla or next Montana, that’s the opposite of what we’re looking for’. So, essentially, they’re not looking for… substance? Obviously, Jain could have just picked these two cast members out at random, but it's interesting that the producer's mind jumped to arguably the two most interesting women in last year's line up.

It's interesting because Tinder in itself is a superficial entity, and while Love Island always finds society-approved beauties for the cast, the reason the last season was so addictive for many was because of the more intriguing personalities of people like Camilla and Montana.

Many more of us related to Montana’s wit and Camila’s moral compass than we did other characters, so to revert back to an outside beauty-only formula (which, let's face it, is what TInder is all about) does not give us much hope for the upcoming season.

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Of course, the show isn’t exactly built on profoundly ethical practices, the bosses admitted to essentially manipulating contestants on the road to find a winning couple. Tim Gould, executive producer, said:

‘If we’re going to pick a winning couple to win £50,000 at the end, we tell the couples at the beginning that they will be tested, we look for the different ways to pick out the fault lines in the relationship and test them,’

And while the premise and practices of the show may be somewhat morally-bankrupt, Lord knows we’ll be tuning in every night - the show is dubbed addictive for a reason, and far be it for us to pretend we can resist the temptations TV producers put in front of us.

Although, Queer Eye is back for season two bringing us all of the best parts of 90’s TV, sans body-shaming, so maybe that's just the palette cleanser we need after our nightly dose of Love Island...

Last season's Love Islanders had some entertaining throwback pics, click through theck them out...


Love Island Throwback

Blazing Squad1 of 10
CREDIT: Instagram

Marcel Somerville

In completely brand new information - Marcel was in the 90's band Blazin Squad. WE KNOW RIGHT. He's so modest about that sort of thing.

Oliva2 of 10
CREDIT: Instagram

Montana Brown

We all had a Montana Brown phase. Once. Now it's a miracle if we brush our hair on a morning.

23 of 10
CREDIT: Instagram

Harley Judge

Harley looks unrecognisable in this Insta snap, doesn't he. CUTIE.

34 of 10
CREDIT: Twitter

Chris Hughes

The winner for the best throwback snap goes to... (and tbh, his Gareth Gates esque hair makes us adore him even more.)

45 of 10
CREDIT: Instagram

Amber Davies

Of course, Amber looks fantastic at every life milestone.

56 of 10

Olivia Attwood

Did you know Olivia Attwood used to compete in beauty pagents? Of course you did. Liv is more glam than Amy Childs having a gold-plated mani, tbh.

67 of 10
CREDIT: Instagram

Kem Cetinay

Kem with short hair has been giving the internet ALL KINDS OF FEELS.

78 of 10
CREDIT: Instagram

Sam Gowland

Sam looking every inch of a Essex lad in his perfectly preened blazer/shirt combo. Nothing ever changes, eh.

89 of 10
CREDIT: Twitter

Chloe Crowhurst

CHLOE... ERR, IS THAT YOU?! With a short brown pixie crop and a normal sized lips, we honestly had to do a double take.

910 of 10
CREDIT: Twitter

Dom Leaver

Dom Leaver with long hair is something we are in to. A lot.

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