Can We Please Get A UK Version Of Love Is Blind?

The success rate probably wouldn't be that high, which would make it all the more entertaining.

love is blind

by Bonnie McLaren |

To be honest, we don't quite know what to do with ourselves now that the second series of Love Is Blind is over. The drama, the chaos and the few rare love stories, it's a show so insane we still can't quite believe we've been blessed with watching people propose to someone they've never met. The only thing which would make it better/worse (delete as appropriate) would be a UK version.

Since the success of the American version, which always ends up being one of the most watched things on Netflix the world over, there have been two adaptations: a Love Is Blind Brazil, and a Love Is Blind Japan.But what we really want now is a UK version. We're simply overdue for it. Yes, OK, we're already spoiled for choice with dating shows, and we have Love Island and Married At First Sight - but neither of these compare to how hilarious a British version of Love Is Blind would be. Probably because it'd be a lot more awkward.

First of all, the chat, or banter, in the pods would be excruciating - and as a few people have noted on Twitter, you'd probably have the men asking how many people someone's had sex with before they even ask their name. And what else would we talk about... The weather? We'd also probably all be too sarcastic for our own good.

Also, in the pods, there's no way we'd be drinking out of those gold wine glasses - as they're far too American. Plus, getting drunk on British reality shows seems to be a thing of the past, so everyone would probably be drinking tea.

After the pods, and everyone's proposed - instead of Mexico, where would you have them going on their honeymoon - the Isle of Wight? The Scottish highlands? And then you'd have some inevitable arguments between couples, with some people unwilling to leave the bright lights of London for a small village in the North. The success rate of Love Is Blind UK probably wouldn't be very high, which would make it all the more entertaining.

The meeting of the families would also be incredibly awkward, as you'd have family members bemused at the concept of such an American show. But as for the actual weddings? Well, we think the usual no drinking on reality shows would go out the window, as British weddings are famous for being absolutely huge piss ups. Come on Netflix, you know you it makes sense.

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