We Still Can’t Believe Shake’s Behaviour In The Love Is Blind Reunion

We didn't think his actions could get any worse, and yet...

love is blind

by Bonnie McLaren |

If you're anything like us, then you've probably already devoured the Love Is Blind reunion, which dropped on Netflix this morning. If you've watched the series you'll know that the only couples to actually say 'I do' were Danielle and Nick, and Iyanna and Jarette.

It's proof the show really does work for some people, but, of course, we were all really watching the reunion for the drama. From the bombshell that Natalie {:rel=nofollow}and Shayne had tried to give things another try after she said 'no' at the altar, and the awkward part Shania's chat with Shayne was re-shown to everyone, there was no shortage of 'OMG' moments.

But one thing we - and everyone else - can't seem to get over is Shake's behaviour at the reunion. On the show, Deepti became the internet's hero when she said no to marrying Shake, after he repeatedly put her down, due to the fact he felt he wasn't physically attracted to her.

And after viewers' responses to the series, and the anger directed towards Shake, the reunion could have been his moment to show contrition and somewhat redeem himself.

But honestly, it's hard to remember the last time a reality TV contestant has been so rude and callous. From the get go, Shake was interrupting other people's moments because he felt he was 'saying what everyone was thinking' - much to the dismay of the other contestants, who made it very clear that they couldn't stand him or his attitude.

Credit to Nick, who stopped Shake to say that he had unfollowed him because he was 'unbearable'. Yikes.

But, after this, in an absolutely horrific moment, Shake even admitted that the only woman in the room he was pshyically attracted to was the presenter Vanessa Lachey. Yep, this would have been awful and uncalled for anyway, but she was quite literally sat there with her husband Nick. When Shake, a vet, said he can't help feeling this was as 'we're all animals, baby', Nick expertly hit back, saying: 'You treat animals. We're human beings. There's a big difference.'

Shake was repeatedly questioned over why he decided to go on Love Is Blind, when it's been clear the whole time that looks are incredibly important to him. (Remember those terrible questions he asked in the pod to determine how much people weighed? Ergh.) He said he wanted love to be 'blurry', but the one thing that is clear is that Shake is misogynistic, and as Iyanna said, also a narcissist. We're just sorry that Deepti had to put up with him, as she deserved so much better.

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