There Is Going To Be A Second Series Of Love Is Blind!

The demand is there!

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We can’t help it: we were obsessed with Love Is Blind. So obsessed that we can’t stop thinking about it{ =nofollow}, along with the rest of the internet, weeks after the finale was aired on Netflix. (The dog drinking wine, do we need to say anything more?!)

ICYMI, the premise of the show, which is like Love Island on steroids, is basically The Circle crossed with Married at First Sight. The 30 contestants – half male, half female – date in ‘booths’ without being able to see one another. Then they can choose if they want to get engaged - but only after a proposal is accepted will they get to meet face to face. The rest of the series then follows their crazy - and usually bumpy - road to marriage. It really is as truly, truly wild as it sounds.

Is there going to be a second series?

In short, yes!

The first season was filmed all the way back in 2018 over a period of 38 days. So. our concern was that if there was going to be a second series, then surely it would have already been filmed by now. But our fears were not founded: Netflix has announced that the audition process for a second series, with Deadline reporting the news first. According to them, the programme will be filmed in Chicago.

There definitely is enough demand for another series after all, and the show's creator- Chris Coelen - revealed earlier this month that he was '100 percent ' keen to do more series following a new set of singletons.

At times like these, we'll take this news as a major win. Thanks Netflix. See you, or rather, won't see you, soon.

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