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This show is the gift that keeps giving...

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The pods are back...and so are the hilarious Love Is Blind memes! Love is Blind season threehas finally arrived on Netflix and viewers are naturally already speeding through each episode. As per usual, the show has plucked a cast of starry-eyed romantics out of near obscurity with the hopes of getting married. They've left Chicago and headed to Dallas, Texas to find love. The hopefuls speed date in pods without actually seeing their potential life partner. They only come face to face with their fiancé at the altar. As well as watching a bunch of singletons attempt to find the love of their lives, Twitter is also on fire with the hilarious reactions. Let's be honest, reality shows would be nothing without the ongoing commentary of Twitter. One eye on the TV, one eye on the Twitter timeline is the golden rule.

This season we have been introduced to a host of new personalities and as usual, they do not disappoint. Netflix always seem to find the most fascinating characters for this show. Enter: Andrew Liu. Andrew is currently being called out on the internet for fake crying on camera after applying eye-drops. (Yes, the producers did include the clip where he applied the eyedrops thinking he wasn't being filmed!) We also have part-time ballet dancer Coleen Reed who seems to be riling the internet up with each move she makes. Do we have another Jessica Batten in the making?

Also, people are sharing exactly who from the new season gives them the same energy as previous cast members, and they are dangerously accurate. Yes, we do think Cole from this season and Barnett from season one are probably the same person. Has anyone seen them in the same room together yet? Point proven!

Here are all the most hilarious memes from season 3 of Love is Blind so far:

So, first we had the comparisons between Cole and Barnett. Now, we have Coleen joining Shana and Jessica. Shana and Jessica were some of the most controversial contestants on their seasons so we're expecting more drama from Coleen!

So far, the internet are shipping Alexa and Brennon. To be fair - they are coming across as the only compatible couple.

Does anyone know if Coleen is a ballet dancer? ( Yes this is sarcasm!)

When are more episodes of Love Is Blind released?

Episodes 1-4 are available to binge watch now and episodes 5-7 will be available on 26 October!

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