Who Is The Most Iconic Love Is Blind Parent?

CONTAINS SPOILERS. The parents are the best bit of Love Is Blind – but who is the greatest parent? We investigate.

Love Is Blind Kelly's Mum

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It’s one of many, many questions that you’ll have had while watching breakout Netflix show Love Is Blind is: ‘Oh my God, what on earth are their parents going to think?’

Well, if you’ve got past episode three or four, you’ll know exactly what most of the contestants’ parents think – and you’ll also know they’re the best, most iconic, memeable part of the show. And that’s a big claim on a show where a dog drinks wine.

So, who is the best? Don’t say we don’t bring you the most important news. And don’t say we didn’t warn you that the below obviously CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR SEASON ONE LOVE IS BLIND.

Kelly’s mum

For our money, one of the most interesting bits of Kelly and Kenny’s Love Is Blind story was when their parents got together. It’s the butt-clenchingly awkward meet-up that every relationship goes through and we thought they handled it incredibly well and sweetly. And we also appreciated the amount of wine that was flowing. But obviously her stand-out moment was when her daughter ditched Kenny at the aisle… and she was Team Kenny all the way. Even while her daughter sobbed in the other room.

Giannina’s mum

OK firstly, her name is Milady – and she looks like the bride at the wedding. But it’s her reaction to her daughter being jilted at the altar by Damian, that wins it for her. You thought Giannina’s sprint out of the service, followed by a proper comedy fall couldn’t be topped… But then her mum turns up to ‘comfort’ her. Genuinely, in the absolute devastation as she grabs her, I could not tell if it was Giannina or her mum sobbing and screaming. It was her mum. And it was incredible.

Mark’s mum

Jessica’s total obsessionabout what Mark’s mum would think about their 10-year age gap dominated her wine-y rants for the first quarter of the series of Love Is Blind, so when you first get to meet this woman, it feels like a big moment. Until she is totally fine and lovely and cool with it all (unlike Jessica’s parents, who we can only assume are very much not as they don’t even feature in the series). The obvious fury in Jess’s eyes when she realises she’s gonna have to come up with another excuse, though, iconic.

She also deserves an award for her reaction faces at the wedding…

Lauren’s mum

We’re a bit in love with Lauren’s mum – she seems the nicest. But she mainly deserves an actual, real, seriously-who-is-going-to-make-her-one? medal for listening to Cameron rap.

But she loses points for being such a mum and standing by this…

Then pulls it back for being so lovely at the wedding

Lauren’s dad

…speaking of which, after all the build up about what he would make of his daughter dating a white guy…

… he also seemed to be just a nice, sweet dad, swept up in Lauren and Cameron’s love story.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Lauren has also said she didn’t feel the way that narrative was portrayed was particularly fair.

‘I have been watching the show,’ she said. ‘And I wouldn’t say it was misleading, but I think that my father came across like, “Oh, I don’t like him because he’s white” and that wasn’t even really the case.’ She added: ‘My dad was just concerned with his daughter going on a show, meeting a man through a wall, as any protective father would be. He wanted to make sure whoever this person was that they were the right person for his daughter. So in some ways, I thought that came across a little cloudy.’

Barnett’s Dad

Barnett’s family as a whole were very clearly not on board with Barnett being on Love Is Blind, or his choice of partner in Amber… but for us, it was his Dad that clinched the Barnett Family Award For Dilligaf-ness – both at the wedding and the entire first meeting with his future daughter-in-law.

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