We Need To Talk About Izzy Zapata’s Brutal Post-Wedding Speech On Love Is Blind

The internet wants to know if Izzy and Stacy are still together - we want to talk about his post-wedding comments...

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by Rhiannon Evans |
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This story contains spoilers for the weddings episode, Episode 10 of Love Is Blind, Season Five.

The finale of Love Is Blind landed on Netflix this morning (Friday October 13, lucky for us) and we may have opened our eyes wondering whether Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder or Lydia Arlene Velez Gonzalez and James Milton Johnson IV say 'I do' at their weddings. We may have run downstairs to watch said weddings this morning. Though of course, we'll have to wait until Monday (October 16) for the reunion to see if they're actually still together.

Now, into the spoliers...

Those of who were equally as enthusiatic to watch, will have have seen Lydia and Milton both saying I do and getting happily wed. They'll also have seen Izzy say 'I do' before Stacey explained that while she loved Izzy, she thought they needed more time so it was a case of 'I don't... right now' for her.

At the altar, Izzy seemed happy enough with her reasoning, said he loved her too and gave her a big kiss. Then he spoke to his mum and his pride (read: temper) seemed to kick in a bit.

After the two had a conversation which did not go as well as the one at the altar, with Izzy uttering the line that he 'just wanted to be loved the way I love' (ouch), the viewer was left wondering what happened next between the two. Which, as we've said, you'll have to wait until Monday and the reunion episode to discover.

Izzy and Stacy's relationship seemed to always stumble over their different lifestyles, with Stacy struggling with the fact Izzy only recently got a passport and that, as she said on her wedding day 'his favourite restaurant is Chipotle'. Of course the couple were seen just days before their wedding struggling over an issue with Izzy's finances, which seemed to revolve around his credit score, with Stacy wondering why he hadn't told her earlier. She claimed the issue wasn't the credit score, but the fact that he hadn't brought it up sooner.

It seemed obvious that as they stood at the altar, Stacy was saying she didn't feel they'd quite ironed everything (including finances) out enough for her to commit to the wedding.

But it was Izzy's to-camera solo interview that seemed particularly brutal and will have raised a red flag for many women.

Speaking to the camera and addressing those concerns, Izzy said: 'I was in the gym and saw Titanic pop up on the TV and that’s what I picture love being - unconditional, doesn’t matter. That's the whole point of this. Does the credit score matter, does the car I drive matter, where I go to fucking dinner matter? None of that matters to me.

'It makes me wonder, why are you 33 and single and not married. I’m 29 years old and can give you everything a rich fucking 45 year old man that you always go for can’t give you.'

Firstly we should address Izzy's Titanic comments, which are not only completely iconic, but also seem to show a little misunderstanding of the film (where the class divide between the couple absolutely did matter and in many ways led to the untimely death of one of them), but secondly, was it us or was the 'Why are you 33 and single and not married' absolutely brutal?

Sorry Izzy, is this Love Is Blind 2023 or a Jane Austen novel where then 23-year-old sister is castigated for not being married at this age because it means there's something wrong with her? Are we back to talking about being left on shelves? Yuck!

Taking away the sexism (and ageism) of the comment, it's also factually ridiculous. In the UK the average age for a woman to marry is 33.2. It's 30 in the US, but still... Yikes. His comments likely left an awful taste in the mouth for all women watching - we wonder what Stacy will have made of them now she's presumably watched the show?

We'll find out on the Love Is Blind reunion on Monday, but it has been claimed that Izzy posted a number of Instagram stories that said the he and Stacy were still together- then hastily deleted them.

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