What You Need To Know About The New James Bond Film

After many delays, the release date has been brought forward!


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Right, we don't want to speak too soon, and we realise that judging a whole film based on a two-minute-long trailer is probably a bit hasty. BUT, we have a good feeling about the new James Bond film, especially now that its release has been brought forward. That's right, No Time To Die has been given a September 30th 2021 release, following more than a year one delays. At the very least, its built the suspense beautifully.

The trailer is, refreshingly, filled with women. Women who are doing talking! And doing their jobs! Women who have real characters and names and don't just exist in order to be penetrated by JB. Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Naomie Harris and Ana de Armas all seem to have plenty to do and say, and of course look great in the process.

Much was made of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's appointment as a contributor to the screenplay, and from what little we've seen it does seem like she (or possibly someone else) has sprinkled a little bit of woke magic across the narrative.

The good news is that if you're an old school traditionalist James Bond fan then there's also still plenty of things to keep you happy. For example, Ralph Fiennes making dark predictions about how dangerous the world is as M. Ben Whishaw is also back in a lovely Argyle sweater vest as our favourite nerdy weapon provider Q. There are women who are a lot younger than Daniel Craig who are very keen to remove their backless dresses in his general vicinity. And there are guns. Lots and lots of guns.

In short, No Time To Die looks like it might have nailed the tricky combination of pleasing the Die Hard (see what we did there?) Bond fans, while pulling in a newer, younger audience who would have found the Bond of yesteryear problematic and offensive.

The film was supposed to be released on 12th November, but, due to the pandemic, this was then postponed to April 2 2021 and then again to October, before its current September placement. Hopefully, this is where it will stay.

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