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5 Women We'd Love To See Direct A James Bond Movie

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Because isn't it time the 007 franchise moved with the times?

What would a James Bond film look like with a woman behind the lens? In the spy franchise's 55 year history, which has spawned 24 films, 18 directors have taken the helm. Not one of those directors has even been a woman, or a person of colour: each one has been white and male. It's a pretty damning track record.

Earlier this year, the announcement that Danny Boyle (perhaps best known for Trainspotting, and for 2009's Best Picture Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire) had been charged with directing the as-yet-untitled Bond 25, Daniel Craig's fifth outing as the super spy, seemed like a case of business as usual for the films. As talented as Boyle undoubtedly is (let’s not forget the time he pulled off the major coup of recruiting Her Majesty the Queen to appear alongside Daniel Craig’s Bond at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony), opting for someone outside of the usual Hollywood cache of white, male industry figures could have been a game-changer for a franchise that’s feeling increasingly creaky and out of step in the current cultural climate.

Now, though, it's been confirmed that Boyle will be leaving the project, citing that usual catch-all term 'creative diferences' as the reason for his departure. That means the door is once again open for Bond producers to make history and hire a female director. Indeed, executive producer Barbara Broccoli confirmed last year that she would 'of course' be open to giving a woman the top job, telling reporters that 'it's incredibly important to support change in front of and behind the cameras.' We can only cross our fingers that she puts her money where her mouth is, but in the mean time, here's our dream line-up of potential directors. Take note please, MGM Studios...