How Does Top Boy End? All Your Burning Questions Answered

Who lives and who dies? We answer all your burning questions from Top boy's final season ever.

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Okay, so if you're reading this it's probably because you've already reached the end ofTop Boy's final ever season. Netflix released season three of the gritty drama this morning - and no, we're not judging you if you've already binge-watched the entire six episodes. In fact, we're joining in!

The season finale leaves very little characters unscathed and has left fans reeling. After five years on air spread across three seasons (with Netflix), the show has carried a number of important plot points. So, we've (attempted) to answer all the questions from Top Boy's final season and tie up some loose ends surrounding your favourite characters.

Did Jamie actually die in Top Boy?

Now, this is the burning question fans have had since last season. We know fans were begging for Jamie (Micheal Ward) to return to the show but during the final season it's confirmed that Jamie did actually die, as we watch his younger brother Stefan (Araloyin Oshunremi) grieve his loss.

But why did Jamie die? Last season it emerged that Kit, Jamie’s best friend, ordered gang member Dexter to beat up Stefan's best friend Ats and take him down a peg. However, Dexter went beyond his brief and killed him. Dushane (Ashley Walters) then ordered Jamie to kill Kit, a move that would remove another enemy and bring Jamie irreversibly under his thumb.

And just as a sense of calm - or at least stability - enters the estate, in a shock twist Sully fires three bullets at Jamie, instantly killing him. His brothers Stefan and Aaron had to suffer the trauma of watching their oldest brother and protector gunned down in front of them.

Why did Sully kill Jamie in Top Boy?

Sully (Kane 'Kano' Robinson) never actually confirmed his motive for killing Jamie - but due to the desire to be the Top Boy, it's pretty likely that Sully saw Jamie as major competition. We all know that Sully tends to kill people he doesn't trust or see's as a threat.

Who killed Sully in Top Boy season 3? Did Stefan kill Sully?

In the most jaw-dropping moment of the final season, we watched Sully get hit on the head from behind - killing him instantly. Now, we don't actually get to see who killed Sully and if anything, this leaves the door open for more storytelling. We have our theories though, because let's face it - Sully had many enemies.

In the final scene we also see Sully face off with Stephan who confronts him for killing his brother. They both walk away from the confrontation unscathed but who's to say he didn't go back and finish the job? That being said, Sully has a lot of enemies it could have been Si, (Dudley O’Shaughnessy) who Sully almost killed after mistakenly thinking he stole his 'food.'

What happened to Lauryn in Top Boy season 3?

In the final season, Jaq walks in the house to find her sister Lauryn (Saffron Hocking) unresponsive in the bath tub whilst her new-born baby can be heard wailing in the background. At the end of the scene the camera pans to drugs on the countertop, indicating that Lauryn died from an overdose.

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What happens to Jaq at the end of Top Boy season 3?

Out of all the characters it looks like Jaq (Jasmine Jobson) is the only one who is left unscathed - well, physically if not emotionally. Jaq barely escaped Dushane and Sully's clutches after they discovered that she stole drugs from them. In an effort to right her wrongs Jaq attempts to bring them back to Sully, but Dushane gets to her first and steals the bags from her. Ultimately, Dushane stealing the bags from Jaq saved her, as Sully turned all his rage and fury on Dushane.

At the end of the final episode Jaq comes home to girlfriend Becks (Adwoa Aboah) and reassures her that everything is going to be okay. After the conclusion, we think this now leaves the door open for a potential spin-off show starring Jaq. Fans have been begging for a 'Top Girl' twist on the show: could this be a hint that this is to come?

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What happens to Dushane in Top Boy season 3?

Dushane meets his fate in the final episode of season 3. After snatching the stolen 'food' from Jaq, Sully comes after him with vengeance. Following a tense chase scene, Sully ends up shooting Dushane. In his final moments Dushane cries, 'I thought you were my brother,' to a pretty unbothered Sully. After a number of years together full of ups and downs their relationship ends in death - which many fans knew was inevitable.

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Where is Aaron in Top Boy season 3?

After watching season 3 of Top boy it's pretty clear that Aaron never shows up. After the death of his brother Jamie, it did leave us to wonder why Aaron was completely written out of the season. It doesn't truly add up as the brothers were so close. According to Netflix, Aaron moved away after Jamie's death to study Marketing at Leeds University. In the first episode of season 3, Stefan's foster carers do tell him that his brother has been asking about him - but Stefan refuses to engage in conversation.

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