Everyone Is Obsessed With Great Pottery Throw Down’s Rich Miller And Rose Schmits

If you're not already watching The Great Pottery Show Down, may we direct you this way...

Pottery throw down technician

by Rhiannon Evans |

The Great Pottery Throw Down is the show that you need, and this season the stars of the pottery throwdown are the technicians.

This year, Great Pottery Throw Down former technician Rich Miller has become a judge alongside teary longtime judge, Keith Brymer Jones.

That's left a vacancy for a new pottery throw down technician to do all the kiln stuff (that's a technical term guys). The new pottery throw down technician is Rose Schmits - a transgender woman from the Netherlands

And while there is a new presenter for the pottery throw down in the shape of fantastic Derry Girls actress Siobhán McSweeney, replacing Melanie Sykes, everyone seems interested in the pottery throw down technicians.

So, there's a lot of love our there for the former pottery throw down technician Rich becoming a judge...

We couldn't possibly comment on his LOVELY HANDS, of course, being professional, but seeing as he was the longterm pottery throw down technician, it really does add an extra element to a show that really has always been very geeky in its technical love and appreciation for pottery.

So, of course, that left a space for a new pottery throw down technician, and that is now Rose - who also received a LOT of love on social media following her first show.

Her name was also trending on google, with hundreds searching for more information on the new pottery throwdown technician.

If you're a real fan, you can still pick up some of Rose's own pottery on her etsy page.

On her personal website, the new throw down technician says: 'My ceramic practice is a way for me to delve into my identity as a trans woman from Delft, the Netherlands. Using the Delftware pottery technique to create pieces that reflect my experiences as a trans person having altered my body and identity allows me to gain ownership of the struggles of transitioning as well as remember where I came from.'

She continues: 'Being from Delft I see the iconic blue and white ceramics as symbolic of a constrictive past, both my personal past and a societal past. Breaking with the traditional designs of the pottery and use the techniques to make pieces that are bodily, phallic, queer and looking like growing tendrils, imposes "transness" onto a traditional past. My ceramic pieces embody my experience of acknowledging my origins whilst fully celebrating the ownership over my body and identity the trans experience has given me.'

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