Move Over Love Is Blind: Five Guys A Week Is Set To Be Our New Dating Show Obsession

What is life without another addictive TV show about finding love?

Five Guys A Week

by Georgia Aspinall |
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The world has fast become obsessed with reality dating shows, as proven by the recent success of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. And now, Channel 4 has developed its own recipe for reality dating success that, judging by the concept alone, is going to be a hit: Five Guys A Week.

No, it’s not about someone who has five one-night stands and chooses one to marry after seven days – although we would probably watch that, too. Instead, Five Guys A Week sees a woman inviting five men into her home to live with her for a week – ALL at the same time. As the potential suitors compete for her affection, she eliminates them day by day until there is only one man standing.

Yes, it sounds so ridiculous it might actually be amazing.

The first episode airs on Monday and will introduce us to Amy, a 34-year-old marketing consultant from St Albans. Recently divorced and looking for ‘an adventurous new guy’, Amy will trail date Trystan (a surfer dude), Scott (a singer-songwriter), Michael (a stuntman), Christian (a fraud investigator) and Glenn (a government consultant).

'As much as I’d love to be confident enough to march right up to a guy I fancied in a pub, as a single woman I would go on a night out with my friends and only really chat to guys who approached me,' Amy has said in a press release. 'Essentially it was the guys doing the "picking", so it was really empowering to realise the roles had been reversed. I learnt a lot about myself in doing so, and sometimes it wasn’t easy, but overall it was a great experience.'

According to Channel 4, the suitors will go everywhere with the woman choosing – whether that’s out with her friends, or for dinner with her parents.

Honestly, watching the trailer, we have doubts whether it can truly match the sheer dramatics of reality TV born out of America such as Love Is Blind. But perhaps Five Guys A Week can tide us over until Love Is Blind UK becomes a reality (according to the show runners, it actually might.... )

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