Wait, Is There Going To Be A Desperate Housewives Reboot?

2022 marks 10 years since the show's finale...

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We might just have the good TV news you need for 2022: Desperate Housewives could be coming back. Yep, so there's no concrete news yet - but TV network ABC have got fans very excited, by tweeting something quite promising. As the show's official account - alongside a photo of the main cast - said they were 'desperately' waiting for 2022. You can see the tweet for yourself here...

There is more behind the rumours than just a tweet, though. Marc Cherry, the creator of the show, has previously spoken about the potential of rebooting the series, for an interview with EW. 'People have approached me about rebooting Desperate Housewives, but it's kind of like my feeling toward The Golden Girls: The Golden Girls was a terrific idea, but the magic of that show was the cast,' he said. 'We had the perfect group of women. With Desperate Housewives, I lucked out with that original cast and I had something to say with that show.'

But Marc continued, revealing he'd consider a reboot if it was there was a completely fresh storyline. 'If I was to do a reboot of it, I would have to come up with a brand-new idea of what fuelled it,' he said. 'I know the formula, and it certainly would be great to try with more time and money.'

And, in an interview with The Radio Times, Eva Longoria, Gaby, also said she'd be down for a revival. 'I mean, we ended the series with [Gaby] going off to start her own business,' she said. 'So I’d love to pick up and see how she’s grown that business.'

Starting in 2004, the comedy/drama/soap ran for 8 seasons until 2012. (So yes, that does mean it would be the perfect excuse for a 10-year anniversary reboot.) The series followed the suburban life of a group housewives on Wysteria Lane, taking a dark turn when one of their closest friends mysteriously takes their own life. The show was an international hit, and managed to score six Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards for its first season.

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