Things Are About To Get Even Worse In Casa Amor

The postcard is coming - and things aren't looking good for Millie, Faye or Hugo...

Casa Amor

by Bonnie McLaren |

This year, Casa Amor on Love Island has been a little bit - what's the word? - painful to watch. As the girls have been staying loyal, almost all the men have been quick to jump into bed with the new women of Casa Amor (most of their rationale was that it was fine to do this, if the girls asked them first). There has been no loyalty, apart from Jake - who recently went official with Liberty - who has instead been encouraging the other men to cheat. Put simply, it is the lads' holiday from hell.

And it's only about to get worse - as this series of Love Island is bringing back the dreaded postcard from Casa, which Chloe will find. Whatever is on there doesn't seem to look too good, as Liberty throws it into the pool.

If you also had any doubt that Liam's head is turning, a preview of tonight's episode shows that he is definitely considering ditching Millie (sob) for new girl Lillie. In the beach hut, Liam says: 'She put her cards on the table, told me exactly how she felt. Obviously, I wanted to kiss her, but it’s not the right time. She took it well, said I completely respect you. The time here now, if I feel like I want to kiss her, I’m going to kiss her.' Yikes.

Tyler is also set to share a bed with Clarisse, which probably isn't good news for Kaz.

Faye also expresses doubts over her relationship with Teddy, and has a chat about it with Millie, who tells Faye: 'Don’t put other people’s thoughts into your head. You’ve been missing Teddy so much, every single day, all day and all night.'

And who knows whether Hugo is going to find a partner in Casa Amor. Amy tells him: 'With you, it’s like I can’t wait to talk to you next. You’ve shown interest which is amazing. When I first came in and there was an initial something.' Hugo then says: 'Nice I finally acted upon it, eh?' To which Amy replies, 'Yeah, it’s interesting, it’s exciting.' But when Amy goes to pinky promise Hugo, instead he leans in for a kiss... Eek.

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