How The Actual Ages Of The Bridgerton Cast Compare To Their Characters

This TikTok video has all the answers...

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If you haven't binged the whole of Bridgertonseason 2 yet, what are you waiting for? The dramatic second season has brought new life to the ton thanks to Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton's epic love story. Penelope Featherington is back to her scheming ways as Lady Whistledown and Eloise Bridgerton is just, well ... being the witty Eloise we all know and love.

While the eventful storylines on the show have captured our attention, something new has piqued our interest. A TikTok video has highlighted the actual ages of the Bridgerton cast compared to the characters they play, and the disparity is surprising.

The internet was surprised to discover that Irish actressNicola Coughlan - who plays Penelope Featherington, 18 - is in fact 35 years old.

The top comments under the post reads,'I need their skin care routine ASAP,' and honestly...same. Another user who is clearly clued up on Julia Quinn's books wrote, 'Spoiler alert - This makes sense because there is going to be a pretty big time jump and after that, they will be much closer to their real age.' Fair point, perhaps there was method to the casting after all since we will be with these characters for many more seasons to come.

After this TikTok revelation, we thought it would be fitting to compare all the characters ages:


The Bridgerton Cast's Ages

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CREDIT: Netflix

Penelope Featherington v Nicola Nicola Coughlan

While Nicola Nicola Coughlan plays the seemingly innocent wallflower Penelope Featherington as a young teen, Nicola is in fact 35 years old.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Eloise Bridgerton v Claudia Jessie

Eloise Bridgerton is a mischivious 18-year-old, but really actress Claudia Jessie is 32 years old.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Colin Bridgerton v Luke Newton

Colin Bridgerton is the third eldest Bridgerton sibling at 22, but Luke Newton is 29.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Daphne Bridgerton v Phoebe Dynevor

Although Phoebe plays eldest sister Daphne, 21, she is 26-years-old in real life. Therefore, she is in fact younger than on screen 'little sis' Claudia Jessie.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Edwina Sharma v Charithra Chandran

Edwina Sharma is the doting little sister of Kate Sharma and is 17 years old. However, Charitha is slightly older than her character at 25 years old.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Anthony Bridgerton v Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan is very close to playing his real age - he is 33 years old, whilst the Viscount is 30 years old.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Simone Ashley V Kate Sharma

Simone is probably the closest in age to her character out of all the cast. Simone is 27 years old and Kate Sharma is 26. Spot on!

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