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Bridgerton season 2

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The first season of Bridgerton was a worldwide hit, with 63 million households watching it when it first dropped on Netflix in December 2020. Season two promises to be as enchanting as the hit first season, with all the gowns, gossip and hot guys we could hope for. Here's everything we know...

When is Bridgerton Season 2 coming out?

All of season two will be released globally on Netflix on Friday 25 March, so if you want to binge the whole thing in one go you can dive right in.

When is Bridgerton Season 2 set?

Season one was set in 1813 and the action in season two picks up the following year, in 1814, at the start of the new debutante season and the search for the new 'diamond of the season' underway.

Who's in the Bridgerton Season 2 cast?

The season one cast returns - including Phoebe Dynevor as Daphne, Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton and Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington. There are new cast members too, with the arrival of the Sharma family, including Sex Education's Simone Ashley.

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What is Bridgerton S2 about?

The new season is based on author Julia Quinn's second novel, The Viscount Who Love Me, and will focus on Daphne's older brother Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and his quest for love. Although Phoebe Dynevor will appear in the second season, we already know that Regé-Jean Page will not be back.

Season two will also introduce a new family - The Sharmas - to the ton. Sex Education's Simone Ashley stars as Kate Sharma, with newcomer Charithra Chandran playing her younger sister Edwina and Shelley Conn as Lady Mary Sharma.

Ashley's character Kate Sharma is described as 'equal parts headstrong and whip-smart.'

'Her sharp wit and independent nature make her a singular force on the 1814 marriage mart, where she hopes to secure a love match for her younger sister, Edwina,' according to her character description.

Edwina Sharma, on the other hand, follows in line after her sister. She is described as having 'been taught by her older sister to be the perfect debutante.'

'She’s kind-natured and endlessly endearing,' according to the character description. 'But while she may be young and naive, she also knows what she wants: a true love match.'


Bridgerton Season 2 Images

Bridgerton S21 of 9
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The Sharmas

The new leading family to star opposite the Bridgertons, the Sharma family includes Kate ( Simone Ashley) and her sister Edwina (Charithra Chandran). The head of the family is Lady Mary Sharma (Shelley Conn).

Bridgerton S22 of 9
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The Bridgertons

The Bridgeton family are reunited and remain top of the ton's social ladder this season.

Bridgerton S23 of 9
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Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton

Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton are the main love interests this season. Although we will miss the Duke, we are interested to see Anthony in a new light.

Bridgerton S24 of 9
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Bridgerton Brothers

Just brothers being brothers here. The relationship between Anthony, Benedict and Collin has always been a fun dynamic. It seems like we will see more of this in season 2.

Bridgerton S25 of 9
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The dynamic duo: Penelope and Eloise

Well if it isn't Eloise Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington or should we say, SPOILER ALERT ...Lady Whistledown! After Penelope was revealed to be LW at the end of season 1, we're wondering how she's going to keep the act up this season.

Bridgerton S26 of 9
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Daphne and Anthony Bridgerton

So, although we are sad to know we won't see the relationship between Daphe and Simon this season, it's good to know Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) will still be around.

Bridgerton S27 of 9
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Kate Sharma taking the lead

Well, this is quite a powerful image. From this alone we can foresee Kate will be a very strong female lead, and we are all for it.

Bridgerton S28 of 9
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The Sharma sisters

Cute dog!

Bridgerton S29 of 9
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Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) returns to her throne. We are also excited to hear more about the Bridgerton prequel about Queen Charlotte.

How many episodes will there be?

In the first season there were eight episodes but this time round there are just six. The new episode titles give us a hint as to what is in store:

Episode 1: Capital R Rake

Episode 2: Off To The Races

Episode 3: A Bee In Your Bonnet

Episode 4: Victory

Episode 5: An Unthinkable Fate

Episode 6: The Choice

Who narrates Bridgerton?

Julie Andrews returns for the second season to narrate as the voice of gossip queen Lady Whistledown (who is in fact Penelope Featherington, played by Derry Girls' Nicola Coughlan). In an interview with Parade, Andrews described Lady Whistledown as 'mysterious and rather sharp-tongued' and 'a bit of a naughty woman'.

How many series of Bridgerton will there be?

In April 2021, the show's creator Chris Van Dusen revealed on Twitter that the Netflix had already renewed Bridgerton for a third and fourth season. So we have plenty more adventures in the ton to look forward to in the future.

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