People Are Obsessed With Drew Barrymore’s Interview Style

‘Drew Barrymore has the same intense energy as a girl you meet in the bathroom at 2am’

Drew Barrymore

by Georgia Aspinall |
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If there is one good thing that came from lockdown, it’s Drew Barrymore’s daytime TV show. Her warmth, hilarious titbits of personal stories and vast array of celebrity guests makes for perfect comfort viewing – and people are starting to take note.

This morning, ‘Drew Barrymore interviews’ was a breakout search term on Google – that means people are actively seeking out clips of her best interviews, presumably thanks to a new Twitter trend that sees users sharing her best moments on-screen. In the last week, various videos of Drew interviewing her celebrity guests have started to go viral as users comment on her unique interview style: that is, the type of drunken conversation you’d have with a girl you just met in the bathroom of a club at 2am on a Saturday night.

Now, let’s be clear, people aren’t saying this to be rude, they absolutely bloody love it. Because let’s be honest, those conversations are some of the best parts of a night out. Trauma bonding, gentle comforting, endless love, and support from a literal stranger who could just as easily become your new best friend as walk out the door and never see you again? It’s the kind of interaction only women seem to experience, and it’s one of the best parts about our collective ability to form intensely close, authentic bonds at the drop of a hat.

Drew embodies all of that in her interview style. She shares her personal experiences on-screen so lightly one would be forgiven for forgetting she’s a global superstar, she gives guests the space and silence to fully articulate their feelings and most importantly, she gets physically close to all her guests in a way that – while us Brits might shudder – seems to put them instantly at ease.

Take a look at her Chloe Bailey interview for example, where Drew physically got on her knees during one conversation about imposter syndrome. Or her interview with Brooke Shields, sitting cross legged next to her arm in arm as they discuss the traumas of childhood fame. Or her interview with Jordan Fisher where both of them literally sat on the floor together as he opened up about his personal vulnerabilities.

The best Drew Barrymore interviews

Fast becoming a staple of daytime TV, Drew Barrymore is proving to the world that celebrity interviews can be kind, raw, vulnerable, and endearing all at the same time. So, here’s to Drew, our new favourite celebrity interviewer, for embodying the phrase ‘this is a safe space’ like no other!

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