The Best Christmas Films Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, From Love Actually to The Holiday

Christmas movie marathon anyone?

Best Christmas Films on Amazon Prime

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In the mood for some festive viewing? You're spoilt for choice with Amazon Prime Video, which has some incredible classics included with your Prime membership – we're talking Love Actually and The Holiday – and comedic masterpieces that will have you laughing the night away – A Bad Mom's Christmas, The Night Before – you can't go wrong.


From Deck The Halls to Christmas with the Kranks, here are the very best Christmas films available to stream on Amazon Prime Video right now.


The Best Christmas Films on Amazon Prime Video

The Best Christmas Films on Amazon Prime1 of 13

Love Actually

A slightly problematic favourite, but a favourite nonetheless.

The Best Christmas Films on Amazon Prime2 of 13

The Holiday

But where would you rather spend Christmas – LA or the Cotswolds?

Four Christmases3 of 13

Four Christmases

A Christmas rom-com that stars Reese Witherspoon? Sign us up!

Asa Butterfield in Your Christmas Or Mine?4 of 13
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Your Christmas Or Mine?

Ahh, there's nothing like surprising your other half with a Christmas visit... That is, until you both end up on other sides of the country on Christmas Eve.

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Bad Moms: A Bad Moms Christmas

Relatable for anyone feeling the pressures of the festive 'motherload'... Watch as three mums rebel against the huge burden of hosting their families for Christmas and instead focus on what they want to do.

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Christmas with the Kranks

The Kranks are devastated when they discover their daughter isn't coming for Christmas and decided to go on holiday instead...until she calls the night before Christmas saying she's on the way home. Chaos!

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The Night Before

Three best friends have spent every Christmas together on an epic night out, but when two out of the three decide to end the tradition, they all reunite one last time in hopes of finding the infamous Nutcracker Ball.

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Deck The Halls

Steve and Buddy, next-door neighbours, try to outdo each other with the best, most extravagant Christmas decorations display.

The Best Christmas Films on Amazon Prime9 of 13


A classic for a reason. Time for a Christmas sing-a-long? Plus, once you've watched the first one, the next two are also available Prime Video too.

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Christmas with the Coopers

The Coopers and all their extended family plan to spend a nice, relaxing Christmas Eve together – but nothing every goes to plan at the holidays, does it?

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Office Christmas Party

Skip all the drama of your own work Christmas party and get it all here!

Arthur Christmas12 of 13

Arthur Christmas

Cartoons aren't just for children. This is one of the most heart-warming Christmas movies out there.

Something From Tiffany's13 of 13
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Something From Tiffany's

We love a festive rom-com. When a mix-up of gifts cause their paths to cross, it sets off a series of twists and unexpected discoveries that lead this group to exactly where they're meant to be...

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