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The Best New TV Shows Coming This Autumn: A Cheat Sheet

Emma Stone in Netflix's Maniac © Netflix

Welcome to the small screen Emma Stone...

After what felt like 28 solid weeks of compulsory Love Island viewing (actually, it was eight, but it certainly felt interminable), you might have toyed with the idea of picking up your social life again. Perhaps your fingers have hovered over the ‘send’ button on Whatsapp, weighing up the pros and cons of reconnecting with all the friends you abandoned in favour of watching Instagram models and personal trainers engage in small talk on sun loungers. If that's the case, can we recommend that you maybe… don’t bother? Because this autumn’s crop of new TV shows looks so good, you’ll barely have time to leave the sofa.

While summer is always a period of televisual limbo (why schedule anything decent when everyone's out photographing their Aperol spritzes?), longer, darker evenings mean a new crop of series to get stuck into. To aid us in our hibernation efforts, the latter half of 2018 promises lavish period pieces, gripping thrillers and big budget dramas. From Emma Stone’s Netflix debut to the stylish thriller that’s already caused a buzz across the Atlantic, this is our edit of the shows you need to be watching this season. Goodbye, social life. It was nice knowing you for a while.

The best new TV shows for autumn 2018