New TV Series Riverdale Is Going To Be Your Next Netflix Addiction. Here’s Your NTK

From the Riverdale cast to the Riverdale soundtrack, and everything Riverdale in between

New TV Series Riverdale Is Going To Be Your Next Netflix Addiction. Here’s Your NTK

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Netflix has spoiled us. For so many of our favourite online shows, we’ve been able to watch episode after episode without so much as a tea break in between. But that is not the case Riverdale. Oh, no. Riverdale is rationed. We’re talking one episode a week and it’s pretty hard going because it’s really, really good and we’re not very patient.

Whether you’re as into the show as I am or this is the first you're hearing about it, information is key. Because as with every binge-worthy TV show, there’s a whole lot to get your head around. So, we’ve answered every question you’ve probably had about Riverdale right here to prepare you for the next episode. Although we wouldn’t blame you if you went back and watched it all again. You do what you need to do, pal.

So what is the Riverdale TV Series about?

It’s basically a high school drama with a murder mystery thrown into the mix. But the best kind of high school drama that can legitimately be watched and appreciated by grown-ups. Really. It all kicks off in a small town called Riverdale. A kid called Jason, part of the (American) football crowd and twin to head cheerleader Cheryl, is suspiciously murdered at a lake and the story progresses from there.

Is Riverdale like One Tree Hill?

I don’t particularly think so but I can see why people draw those sorts of comparisons. Riverdale is actually quite dark at points. It’s also a bit Gossip Girl-y, a bit Twilight-y, a bit Twin Peaks-y, and so much more. You’ll be hooked I tell you, hooked!

What’s the Riverdale trailer sayin’?

Oh, it says a lot my friend. It’s so moody it hurts. Take a look for yourself.

Is this Riverdale it the same as the Archie Comics Riverdale?

Pretty much. The series is based on the characters in the Archie comics, yes. And if you’re not particularly clued up on what that means, Archie Comics is a hugely popular comic book publisher over in the United States. They do a whole load of comics that feature the characters in the Riverdale on Netflix. Which might be some of the names might sound a little familiar (Josie and The Pussycat definitely rings all the bells).

Who is Archie in Riverdale?


Archie is one of the show’s heartthrob lead characters and is played by K.J. Apa. He’s that guy on the football team with promising chances of getting a scholarship to a good college but has to deal with the internal struggle of also being musically talented when dad doesn’t really approve.

Not the most ground breaking of characters initially BUT it all gets a little bit more complex when we find out that he’s having a secret affair with a teacher and hooks up with his best friend’s new best friend in a closet. Oh, and he was at the lake where Jason’s dead body was found and heard a gun shot being fired. I know. All the drama.

Who is Riverdale’s Cheryl?

Cheryl is the girl we’re meant to hate. Played by Madelaine Petshe, she’s the bitchy captain of the Riverdale High cheerleading team, is super popular (read: feared) and beautiful. Obvs. She’s also the twin sister of the guy who was murdered. In the first few episodes, it’s very clear that she knows more about the murder than she’s letting on. But I get the feeling she’s going to turn out not to be that much of a dick.

What about Riverdale’s Miss Grundy?

Ah, Grundy, Grundy, Grundy. She’s the school music teacher who is having a really inappropriate ‘is it love, is it lust’ type thing with Archie. She was with him at the lake when the gun shot was heard and it’s all very suspicious. You get the feeling that she’s hiding a lot more than a relationship with one of her students but only time will tell if it’s got anything to do with Jason’s murder.

Who plays Riverdale’s Jughead?

OMG it’s only Cole Sprouse from The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody. Suddenly feeling bit nostalgic and really old? Us too. Jughead is probably one of our favourite characters, because everyone loves an underdog. Also, he’s got a heart of gold and would definitely have you back if shit went down. Forget the sheriff, we definitely think he’s going to be the one to get to the bottom of the murder case.

What’s the deal with Betty and Veronica’s kiss?

You might have heard about a scene where Betty and her new BFF Veronica make out a little bit. I can confirm that this is a thing that happens, but some context first. The two are trying out for the cheerleading team and when Cheryl seems unimpressed with their performance, Veronica kisses Betty to try and score extra points and win them places on the squad. The awkward display of faux lesbianism thankfully doesn’t work. But they do eventually get on the team.

What’s the Riverdale soundtrack like?

Erm, it’s eclectic. There’s a real mix of music on the show but is generally quite poppy. It’s a teen drama after all. There are a few gems though… Ashleigh Murray who plays Josie has an amazing voice which you get to hear on the show when she performs with the other two Pussy Cats. Archie also gets to sing a song or two as well. Fancy a listen, here's where you can listen to a few on Spotify.

What day is Riverdale on?

Friday will forever be known as Riverdale day. Well, at least for the 13 weeks that the show is running. I suggest setting a reminder on your phone because the new episodes are probably going to be the most important thing on your calendar pretty soon.

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